Muhammad Ali Jr son Black Lives Matter

Muhammad Ali’s only biological son has stated that he believes his father would have opposed the Black Lives Matter movement. Muhammad Ali Jr. called the movement “racist” and said his famous father would have hated it and the “devils” who are protesting. 

Ali is known as “The Greatest of All Time” and was a lifelong activist who stood up to racism, but Black Lives Matter is different. The boxer’s namesake said his father would have been sickened by the violence and looting that have overtaken things. 

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Muhammad Ali Jr Supports The Police

“Not all the police are bad, there’s just a few. There’s a handful of police that are crooked, they should be locked up,” Ali said. “I never had a bad scene with a cop. They’ve always been nice and protect me. I don’t have a problem with them.”

“It’s a racial statement,” he continued. “It’s pitting black people against everyone else. It starts racial things to happen; I hate that.”

From The New York Post

‘‘My father would have said, ‘They ain’t nothing but devils.’ My father said, ‘all lives matter.’ I don’t think he’d agree.

Of the BLM movement, Ali Jr., a Muslim like his father, said: “I think it’s racist.”

“It’s not just black lives matter, white lives matter, Chinese lives matter, all lives matter, everybody’s life matters. God loves everyone — he never singled anyone out. Killing is wrong no matter who it is,” Ali said during an hour-long interview with The Post.

On police brutality, Ali defended law enforcement in general.

“Police don’t wake up and think, ‘I’m going to kill a n—-r today or kill a white man,’” he said. “They’re just trying to make it back home to their family in one piece.

Speaking of Floyd’s killing at the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer, Ali said, “The officer was wrong with killing that person, but people don’t realize there was more footage than what they showed. The guy resisted arrest, the officer was doing his job, but he used the wrong tactic.”

Ali Blames Antifa For Stoking Violence

Ali also blames Antifa for hijacking the Black Lives Matter movement and giving it a violent flavor. Like President Trump, he believes Antifa should be labeled as what it is, a terrorist organization. 

“Black Lives Matter is not a peaceful protest,” Muhammad Ali Jr. said, “Antifa never wanted it peaceful. I would take them all out.”

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“They’re no different from Muslim terrorists. They should all get what they deserve. They’re f–king up businesses, beating up innocent people in the neighborhood, smashing up police stations and shops. They’re terrorists – they’re terrorizing the community. I agree with the peaceful protests, but the Antifa, they need to kill everyone in that thing.”

Ali Says Democrats Are Racist

The younger Ali said he believes a lot of this divisive behavior is being pushed by Democrat politicians with their own agenda. This is likely to infuriate liberals.

“Democrats are the ones who are racist and not for everybody, Ali said. “These [Democrat politicians] saying Black Lives Matter, who the hell are you to say that? You’re not even black.”

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