NASCAR Kyle Weatherman police #BackTheBlue car

NASCAR driver Kyle Weatherman has decided to support police officers in a way that will have fans cheering. Days after Bubba Wallace raced a “Black Lives Matter” car, the Xfinity Series driver decided to drive a car that sported a flag with a thin blue line on the hood and reads #BackTheBlue on the side. 

NASCAR fans are very patriotic. They stand for the anthem and they love America.

They also recognize how indebted we are as a society to our veterans and first responders. Police are under attack with calls for police departments to be defunded and in some cases eliminated. That’s why this means so much. 

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Bubba Wallace’s Black Lives Matter Car

A lot of media attention was given to Bubba Wallace after NASCAR bended to his demand to ban the Confederate flag at races.

He wore an “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirt while he posed standing next to his car that was modified to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

This is an unusual approach at a NASCAR event given fan support of police, fire fighters, and our veterans.

But, Bubba plunged ahead and he was celebrated for it by the media. 

Kyle Weatherman’s #BackTheBlue Car

Weatherman knew he had to do something to show his support for our police officers at Saturday’s race at the Homestead-Miami Speedway.

In this highly charged political environment, our first responders have gone from being heroes for working during the coronavirus pandemic to being attacked at every turn.

It’s been demoralizing to them, so this is a very nice shot in the arm. 

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Mike Harmon Racing proudly shared the car that supports law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line to protect us every day.

They received much applause and appreciation by police officers and devoted NASCAR fans.  

Weatherman was very pleased with how the Back The Blue car came out. Police officers are under attack throughout the country and he’s giving them his support:

“RACEDAY here in Miami have something special on the car this weekend. A lot going on in the world right now and I wanted to express that most first responders are good people,” Weatherman tweeted. “My uncle is a firefighter and he would do anything to help saves lives.”

“I absolutely support the black men and women of this country and also support all first responders also. LOVE EVERYONE,” the NASCAR driver also added. 

Some fans supported Weatherman and his #BackTheBlue car. Some had criticisms as well.

Weatherman finished 33rd on Saturday in his new #BackTheBlue and was unable to complete Saturday’s NASCAR race, but the driver certainly made an impact. 

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