Watch Sherman Hemsley As Foster Brooks Roasts Muhammad Ali

Foster Brooks perfectly portrayed a drunk who tried to act like he was sober. He wasn't afraid of taking his comedic aim at anyone, including Muhammad Ali.

Foster Brooks could get a laugh out of anyone. Even the most serious people would be rolling in laughter at his lovable alcoholic routine. He perfectly portrayed the drunk who tried to act like he was sober. He wasn’t afraid of taking his comedic aim at anyone, including legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.

Foster Brooks On Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts

Decades after originally airing, “The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts” are still some of the best shows that ever aired on television.

Hollywood A-listers of the day wanted to attend. And everyone wanted to watch these hilarious episodes that had stars making fun of the man of the hour.

Foster Brooks was a regular and a fan favorite at the roasts. We all know someone who is regularly over served and makes up outlandish stories. That’s why he is so relatable.

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Back then, people could laugh at themselves. The celebrities at that time didn’t take themselves so seriously and weren’t constantly offended by everything.

The Dean Martin Roasts showed Hollywood at its best. Anyone in attendance was accepting that they might be the butt of jokes.

That was the fun of it!

Foster Brooks Roasts Muhammad Ali 

When roasting Muhammad Ali, Foster Brooks was announced as the Champ’s boxing coach.

Brooks said every politically incorrect thing he could, including calling Muhammad a “brown clown.” Ali was laughing so hard that he had to wipe tears from his eyes. He even put his head on the table several times because he was laughing so hard.

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Foster’s off colored jokes, if you will, kept rolling in and everyone continued laughing. This humor transcended racial boundaries. Everyone laughed.

Sherman Helmsley and Isabel Sanford from “The Jeffersons” perhaps laughed the hardest.

Everyone enjoyed themselves because they knew it was all fun. This is when comedy was funny. It was before the Political Correctness Police ruled Hollywood.  Comedy certainly didn’t have “safe spaces” for sensitive liberals during Dean Martin’s Roasts.

Watch the video below for a good laugh and a fun trip down memory lane when television was worth watching!

Imagine that happening today. It would have been the end of Foster Brooks’ career. He would be lambasted for mocking alcoholics and people of color.

Those were the good old days when humor was funny and there was no shame in laughing at a joke!

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