Luke Gallows And Karl Anderson Future + Vince McMahon’s Net Worth

Gallows and Anderson Future

The future for Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson is starting to look a little brighter since their WWE release. In other news, Vince McMahon’s net worth has skyrocketed during the coronavirus pandemic.

Luke Gallows And Karl Anderson Future

Is Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson's future Impact Wrestling?

Since their release on Black Wednesday, the future of Gallows and Anderson has been unclear. However,  there are some rumors about the Good Brothers, indicating their next move.

Gallows and Anderson had their sights set on New Japan. However, if recent rumors are accurate, they may end up at Impact Wrestling!

The alleged deal between The Good Brothers and Impact could be very interesting too. In fact, the contract could mean they are allowed to fight at Impact as well as New Japan.

Evidence Pointing To The Good Brothers Going To Impact Wrestling?

Are the rumors about Gallows and Anderson true?

Most claims are plain rumors at this point. However, one rumor in particular proves interesting for the future of Gallows and Anderson.

According to Gary Cassidy, The Good Brothers already recorded some content for Impact Plus. This is Impact Wrestling’s streaming service.

With content filmed and claims backed up by Ryan Satin, the chances we will see Gallows and Anderson on both promotions is really high. I cannot wait to see what they do once they hit the indies. 

Of course, a part of me wanted Gallows and Anderson in AEW. The tag team division is hitting off, and it would have been great to see The Good Brothers there too.

Vince McMahon’s Net Worth

Vince McMahon's net work skyrockets during pandemic

While most people suffered severe financial losses during the pandemic, this did not apply to Vince McMahon. In fact, the billionaire increased his fortune and his net worth during the coronavirus crisis. 

According to Middletown Press, Vince McMahon’s net worth went up with a whopping $177 million. So, the essential business controversy, mass releases, and coronavirus debacle did not dissuade investors.

How Did Vince McMahon Turn A Profit During Coronavirus?

How Vince turned a profit during coronavirus pandemic

WWE gets a lot of money from live event ticket sales, but the pandemic pretty much cancelled those out. Truth of the matter is, Vince McMahon found another cash cow to milk during the coronavirus crisis.

According to several sources, Vince is turning a profit on his television deals. This means that moving SmackDown to Fox came at the ideal time for the brand.

Of course, it is not all good news for WWE. Scandal surrounds the promotion lately, with some of its own staff turning against the company.

When all is said and done, there will be little repercussion for WWE for their treatment of staff and the general public during the coronavirus pandemic. After all, the company has a professional spin doctor at its disposal to counter all negative press.

On the flipside, Vince did manage to turn the pandemic into a positive moneymaker (somehow). Still have to admire his business sense.

You may wonder why Vince McMahon fired so many people if he increased his own net worth to $1.977 billion? Well, that is an ethical question I will leave to your discretion.