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Jay Cutler is on the hunt for a serial killer. Something or someone is killing the NFL star’s chickens, and he’s seeking justice old-school style. Jay Cutler is chronicling his plight to solve this chicken massacre mystery on video. It’s clear the former Chicago Bears quarterback is taking this personally, and he’s determined to get to the bottom of it!

The 37-year-old Indiana native, who is currently getting divorced from Kristen Cavallari, just learned how to use Instagram stories. And, he’s using them to document this mystery. The results are going viral because they are absolutely hilarious.

It also shows us what a down-to-earth guy he really is. 

Jay Cutler’s Videos About His Missing Chickens Go Viral

In the first Instagram story, Cutler appears disheveled. He’s clearly concerned about the lady hens he is charged with caring for. The girls keep disappearing at night and he wants it to stop.

He pans across the yard where his chickens roam free. He wonders if a coyote or wild animal is committing the poultry murders but then suddenly he has a different idea. 

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He wonders if it is an “inside job” as the camera pans to a cat named Thelma that Cutler describes as a “savage with loose morals.” 

That first video is below. After watching it, you will be hooked on the great Cutler Chicken Mystery. 

He posted a second video showing he got more chickens to replace the ones who disappeared. He believed the girls looked tense.

After all, wouldn’t you fear the sun going down if you were a hen in this situation? A killer is on the loose!

Cutler set up cameras and was planning on hunkering down in a treehouse to observe. 

Jay Cutler’s Cat Is Ruled Out As A Suspect

Cutler ended up having to post an Instagram apology to Thelma, the savage cat with loose morals. After a night in the treehouse, he learned that she didn’t harm her feathered friends.

The cameras didn’t catch any predators and all the chickens were all accounted for in the morning.

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Cutler has a captive audience – we want to know what is happening to his chickens! We all love a good murder mystery and this is in real time.

One thing we already know is that Jay Cutler definitely cares about his chickens. With the exception of a murderer on the loose, these hens have a very nice living arrangement. 

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