NFL Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes explains how his Christian faith fuels his success

Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl. But this champion knows that it’s God who deserves all the glory for his success. The NFL MVP highlighted how his Christian faith is central to him in an interview that other believers will want to watch!

Mahomes Raised In The Christian Faith

The Texas native is a devout Christian. He doesn’t shy from his faith, rather he revels in it. He wants to share it with others so they might follow down the same path and develop a strong relationship with God.

Mahomes was fortunate enough to be raised by two parents who raised him in the Christian faith. His parents divorced when he was young but they stayed on good terms for the sake of their son. Patrick decided to commit his life to Jesus when he was a teen and the NFL star never looked back.

“I built a relationship with God. I’ve tried to keep that as I’ve gotten older, ” the NFL champion quarterback said.

“Faith is huge for me. Just being able to stay on the right track and be able to know I can live life knowing I can be free and God will have me and he’ll always accept me. ”

Kansas City Chiefs’ Christian Culture

Mahomes embraces the culture of Christian faith with his NFL team the Kansas City Chiefs. Owner Clark Hunt has prioritized this by having services for the fans and the players. Mahomes participates in team Bible study every Friday.

He credits this with helping him stay focus. Football is important to him, but the 24-year-old MVP recognizes that his faith trumps that. Team Bible study helps keep the Christian NFL players in line with their beliefs.

BACKSTORY: KC Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt Encourages A Christian Culture Of Faith On The Team

“That will help us kind of keep up and not lose track where we are at with our faith,” Mahomes said.

Mahomes’ Faith Driven Pregame Rituals

He also goes to Chapel every night before each game. He believes this is an imperative step to being ready to play.

“That is huge for me. It gives me that last thing that can help me know I can just go out there and play and be myself and whatever happens, I know God has my back.”

It doesn’t stop there. Mahomes is free to live his faith on the field too.

Before every game he walks the field praying at the goal post. The quarterback thanks God and makes sure to glorify Him too. This man has not let fame go to his head or get in the way of his eternal objectives and beliefs.

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No matter what happens, win or lose, success or failure, I am glorifying Him and doing everything He wants me to do,” Patrick Mahomes says in the video below.

Matthew 19:26 “With God all things are possible.” And NFL Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes is a walking example.

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