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Chris Pratt once again stepped out in front of a huge audience and told them to love God. This time, the Jurrasic Park actor did this while accepting the Teen Choice Award for Summer Movie Actor.

While most actors shy away from religion or denounce it entirely, Pratt declared his love and gratitude to God for millions of teens to witness. These youngsters are at a very impressionable age, so hearing this message from someone like Chris Pratt is really important. Pratt is a terrific example of someone who embraces Jesus even in an industry where it is not popular. Pratt doesn’t care what others think about him. He is just going to be himself!

“I Want to thank God,” he told the teens. “I always do that when I’m up on a big platform in front of a bunch of young faces. I say “I love God. That’s my thing. And you should too.”

This is an important message for them to hear and they CHEERED when he said it! Everyone has the capacity to accept God into their lives.


This is a brave and bold move when you are an A-List Hollywood star and Chris Pratt continually does it! Earlier this summer, he delivered a similar message while accepting the Generation Award at the MTV TV & Movies Awards. He touched on nine rules for living and of course, faith was a key point.

“God is real. God loves you, God wants the best for you. Believe that, I do,” the actor said to his younger adoring fans.

Just like with the audience at the Teen Choice Awards, the MTV audience also cheered as Pratt encouraged them to embrace God’s love. This is a winning message and Chris Pratt isn’t afraid to continue delivering it!

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