How Sonya Deville Should Be Pushed As A Top Wrestler

The WWE focused heavily on Mandy Rose for the longest time, but with Sonya Deville turning on her friend, she is starting to stand out. She has everything that’s needed to become one of the best, but how should the WWE book her?

Deville And Ziggler Taking The Win Against Mandy And Otis

WWE should be booking Sonya Deville strong

WWE should be booking Sonya Deville strongly. If she were to take the win alongside Dolph Ziggler on SmackDown Live, it would put Sonya on the right platform moving forward. Both Ziggler and Deville need this win to gain validity as heels.

Booking Sonya Deville does not necessarily involve cutting her feud with Otis and Mandy short, but it involves giving her other bookings as well. There is plenty of female talent on the main roster who could provide some interesting feuds.

Of course, it would be beneficial if Sonya eventually stepped away from the feud to become a serious singles competitor.

Deville As A Top Heel?

Deville could be a top heel

WWE should be booking Deville as a top heel, and that will require little effort on their part. After all, the WWE superstar did all the heavy work with her excellent heel work during the Mandy Rose feud.

So, it is down to the WWE booking Sonya Deville strong. A great way to start would be to put her against some of the company’s top faces and give her strong wins.

Since none of the women on the SmackDown roster are really being pushed at the moment, it is the perfect time to put the limelight on Deville. There are plenty of former champions for feuds, including Alexa Bliss, Carmella, and Naomi. 

If Sonya is booked correctly, they could make her one of the biggest female stars in a matter of months. Since Becky Lynch is now on pregnancy leave, it might be the perfect time for Sonya to swoop in.

The Biggest Issues Plaguing Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville

One of the biggest issues facing Sonya Deville is a lack of opportunities. Up until recently, the company focused on Mandy Rose, always placing Deville in the shadows.

Since her feud with Otis and Mandy, Sonya turned out to be the breakout star. She is an excellent heel and just what the company needs in a proper WWE superstar.

For Sonya to succeed, she should get a promo at least every week. Ideally, she also needs to step away from the Otis and Mandy storyline.

Sonya’s Future

Sonya Deville

Sonya is a hard worker and has plenty of great ideas, so the company would be stupid not to invest in her. After all, it requires an absolute minimum amount of effort on their end.

Still, the WWE’s lack of insight over the past couple of months is a little worrying, especially when it comes down to new superstars.

They have a golden goose in the form of Sonya Deville, so the only thing they have to do is capitalize on her talent and her ideas.

We are excited to see what the future has in store for Sonya Deville. Let’s hope the WWE gives her the opportunities she deserves and that she runs with it.

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