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A Best Buy in Fairfield, California was hit by looters after someone used a heavy duty forklift to ram through the doors of the electronics super store. This wasn’t just your average forklift. And so this was a very dramatic and destructive way to bust into the store and grab televisions and other merchandise. 

Looters Target Fairfield Best Buy

Across the country, media is reporting on what appear to be pre-planned riots rather than an organic or peaceful protests. That seems to be the case in Fairfield as well.

There, bystander video captured looters using heavy machinery to breach the entrance of a Best Buy. The supersized forklift drives right over the concrete pylons before dramatically smashing into the storefront. 

Local police were able to capture a lot of license plates on the scene. They report that many of these looters were not from this area. Supporting theories that much of the destruction and violence is being  lead by outside agitators.

“We were able to get a lot of license plates and log those and it’s clear to us that these were all people who came from outside of town to take advantage of Fairfield,”Lt. Jausiah Jacobsen said. “These people were clearly here to cause havoc and terrorize, they were here to loot and damage. That’s what their intent was and what they were doing.”

Several stores in the area were hit hard by looters, but Best Buy was the only one in which the looters used a forklift to gain access.

The mall had been undergoing construction and the thieves stole that equipment to bust into the store. How convenient that one of the vandals on site knew how to start and operate stolen construction machinery.

What happened in Fairfield does not seem to be a crime of convenience nor is it an instance of spontaneous rioting and looting. 

Looters Batter Best Buy Entrance With Heavy Duty Forklift

The shocking bystander video of the forklift below shows the lengths to which these creeps will go to destroy and steal whatever they want.

This is certainly not about protesting George Floyd’s death. These are lawless individuals who are organized and trying to destroy society. 

The looters also hit the Sprint and Game Stop stores in Fairfield. The tweet below shows the Sprint store was completely emptied out.

Given that many of these phones can be traced or locked out when stolen, it’s not clear how these looters will prosper from stealing them. 

These looters are taking their lives into their own hands. Some store owners are fighting back and firing away to protect themselves and their businesses.

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If they pick the wrong place, these vandals might be heading to the morgue rather than back to their mommy’s basement where they probably live. 

On Saturday, a Nebraska bar owner killed a rioter who threatened him and his establishment. 

BACKSTORY: Nebraska Bar Owner Who Fatally Shot George Floyd Protester Won’t Face Charges

The Second Amendment allowed this business owner to protect himself and so he will not be charged in the shooting of James Scurlock. Prosecutors unanimously agreed the shooting was in self defense after reviewing extensive video evidence.

Unfortunately, we can expect more lives and livelihoods to be lost if this rioting and looting continues,

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