10 WWE Wrestlers Accused Or Convicted Of Horrible Crimes

In the wake of the #SpeakingOut movement, WrestleNewz looks at the top 10 WWE wrestlers accused or convicted of horrible crimes.

With countless WWE wrestlers and promoters accused of misconduct during the #SpeakingOut movement, it is time to look at 10 wrestlers accused or convicted of horrible crimes. Some of these might surprise you.

1. Chris Benoit – Double Murder Suicide

double murder suicide

WWE wrestler Chris Benoit is known these days for all the wrong reason. Even though he was one of the best wrestlers of all time, he went down in the history books as a murderer. 

In 2007, authorities discovered the bodies of Chris, Nancy and Daniel Benoit during a welfare check. Police soon established Nancy and Daniel were murdered.

Investigators concluded Benoit killed his wife and his son. Years later, medical professionals put his crimes down to CTE.

Until this day, controversy surrounds the death of the Benoit family. Some still believe Benoit did not commit the murders. 

2. Jimmy Snuka – Third Degree Murder

Jimmy Snuka was charged with manslaughter

On May 10th, 1983, Snuka called an ambulance for his girlfriend Nancy Argentino. Snuka claimed to have found his girlfriend after a WWF TV taping.

Shortly after arriving at the Allentown Sacred Heart Medical Center, Nancy died. 

The coroner stated Nancy died from undetermined craniocerebral injuries. However, the autopsy also showed dozens of cuts and bruises consistent with domestic abuse.

Interestingly, charges were not filed against Snuka until years later. However, Nancy’s parents won a lawsuit against the WWE wrestler in 1985.

Former WWE wrestler Jimmy Snuka stood accused of third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter in 2015. However, the trial was dismissed due to Snuka’s declining health.

The controversy surrounding WWE wrestler Jimmy Snuka was covered in detail on Dark Side Of The Ring.

3. D.T. Porter – First Degree Murder, Stalking, And Mutilation

D.T. porter stood accused of first degree murder

Another WWE wrestler accused of murder is none other than D.T. Porter. However, this former wrestler did get convicted for the crime.

In 2013, D.T. Porter was charged with first degree murder of his ex-girlfriend. The crime was brazen and almost too unbelievable to comprehend. 

Porder stabbed the 25-year-old victim in the neck and torso. He did this in front of numerous witnesses at the victim’s apartment complex.

Shortly after the murder, Porter brazenly posted a picture of his victim’s bloody arm on his Facebook. He even used it as his Facebook picture.

After a high-speed police chase, Porter was arrested. He was convicted to life in prison.

D.T. Porter worked for WWE from 2010 to 2012. He mainly spent his time in Florida Championship Wrestling.

4. Invader – Murder

Former WWE wrestler Invader stood accused of murder

A lot of the wrestlers in this overview never faced justice for their crime. This is also the case for Invader (José González), who worked for the WWF in the 80’s.

In July of 1988, González lured Bruiser Brody in the shower for a business conversation. Then, he continued to stab the wrestler and left him for dead.

Former WWE wrestler González was arrested for murder shortly afterwards. However, the wrestler was acquitted after his lawyer claimed self-defence.

5. Steve Gaterwolf – Aggravated Battery And Child Abuse

Steve Gaterwolf stood accused of child abuse

Steve Gaterwolf was a jobber for the WWE in the 80’s. Bret Hart later stated his chance at a WWE career went down forever after ruining a war dance spot.

After his release from WWE, Gaterwolf disappeared from the spotlight for a while. However, he would eventually end up in MMA and the illegal fighting circuit.

Gaterwolf would become more famous for all the wrong reasons though. In 2001, he was charged and convicted of aggravated battery.

In 2014, Gaterwolf sought a quieter life working as a lorry driver. However, a warrant was issued for his arrest claiming child abuse charges.

Gaterwolf stood accused of seven counts of sexual assault against a child. He was found guilty during trial and convicted to sixteen years in prison.

6. Stone Cold Steve Austin – Domestic Abuse

Debra accused Stone Cold Steve Austin of domestic abuse

Many wrestling fans do not realise that Stone Cold Steve Austin was actually convicted of domestic abuse. Stone Cold stood accused of domestic abuse behavior several times over the years.

In 2004, Stone Cold’s girlfriend Tess Broussard accused him of physical abuse. She also claimed she went into a women’s shelter out of fear for her safety.

Allegations of domestic abuse would resurface during Stone Cold’s marriage to Debra. During one of their arguments, Debra called the police and filed charges.

Debra claimed Stone Cold knocked her down and beat her. Stone Cold pled no contest during the trial and was given a year probation and community service.

7. Jack Gallagher – Sexual Misconduct

Jack Gallagher stands accused of sexual misconduct

This story came out recently as a result of the #SpeakingOut movement. Since the allegations came out, WWE released Jack Gallagher.

A women called Becky came out with the story on social media. She accused the wrestler of sexual misconduct, which took place on New Years Eve in 2014.

According to Becky, Gallagher made advances towards her, which she turned down. It eventually led to Gallagher grabbing her and ripping her skirt. 

WWE’s internal investigation caused them to terminate his contract on the spot. As far as we know, no criminal charges were filed against him.

8. Alberto Del Rio – Sexual Assault

Former WWE wrestler Alberto Del Rio stands accused of sexual Assault

Former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio is currently accused of sexual assault. 

On May 3rd, Del Rio allegedly submitted his victim to sexual assault. As the case is quite graphic, we will not go into too much detail. 

Shortly after the sexual assault, the wrestler was arrested. He eventually posted a $50,000 bond and was released from prison.

Despite him bonding out, Del Rio faces some serious sexual assault charges. If you wish to read the details of the case, you can find the full charges here

9. Sunny – Disorderly Conduct, Burglary, DUI’s, Violating Protective Orders

Sunny has too many criminal charges to count!

Sunny has too many criminal charges to count. While some of them are not as serious as some of the previously mentioned charges, it seems Sunny does not learn from her mistakes. 

Since 2012, Sunny had nothing but legal trouble. She stood accused of third-degree burglary, violating protective orders, disorderly conduct and numerous DUI cases.

The numerous charges eventually led to Sunny going on the run. She was eventually arrested in 2018 and spent time in jail numerous times. 

Sunny was released from prison on February 25th, 2020.

10. Chyna – Domestic Abuse

Chyna assaulted X-PAC

Chyna was mistreated by most men in her life, but she would become the aggressor during her relationship with X-Pac. In fact, the former WWE wrestler was arrested for domestic abuse.

According to the report, Chyna attacked Waltman. He suffered numerous punches and kicks in front of his children. 

This story is surrounded by some controversy as well. In fact, some believe the story was a publicity stunt to accompany the release of X-Pac and Chyna’s controversial  tape.

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