Dark Side of The Ring Discusses Nancy's Death Controvery

10 Disturbing Facts About Jimmy Snuka During Dark Side Of The Ring

Jimmy Snuka was one of the most prolific WWE wrestlers of the 1980’s. Unfortunately, his career was also characterised by lots of darkness and controversy, earning him a spot on Dark Side of The Ring.

The biggest controversy in Snuka’s career came after the death of his girlfriend Nancy, who died under suspicious circumstances. Lots of things were revealed during the documentary as well, which we will now cover!

1. Jimmy Snuka Was Homeless

Jimmy SNuka grew up homeless in Fiji

Snuka grew up in Fiji, but he did not have the easiest of childhoods. In fact, the documentary revealed that the famous star was homeless as a youngster.

Being homeless did play in the advantage of Snuka where his wrestling career was concerned, as wrestlers travel often and do not spend a lot of time at home. As a result, Snuka adjusted to the travelling wrestler lifestyle very quickly.

Unfortunately, not much else was mentioned about Snuka’s childhood. Of course, this is not unusual when you consider not much is known about Snuka’s earlier years.

2. Nancy’s Family Thought Jimmy Snuka Was “Strange”

Jimmy Snuka and Nancy Argentino

Louise Argentino is the sister of Nancy Argentino and spoke extensively about Snuka’s reputation among her family. While her mother Caroline liked Snuka, her step-father had serious doubts about the man.

During an incident, Snuka grabbed Louise’s throat and she fled to the bathroom. When Nancy went to check on her sister, Louise warned Nancy to leave Snuka.

Later, Jimmy apologised to Louise by trying to gift her cocaine, which she refused.

3. Assault And Harassment In 1983

Jimmy Snuka during his trial in 2017

Jimmy Snuka was arrested on suspicion of assault and harassment in 1983. Police arrived at his hotel room after guests believed a woman was being beaten.

Unfortunately, Nancy didn’t take the opportunity to escape the abusive wrestler. She called the incident a big misunderstanding and signed an affidavit. Snuka only received a minor charge and a $1500 fine donated to the Ronald McDonald House.

Nancy lost her life a few months after the incident in January 1983. Nobody truly knows what happened to Nancy. There are some suspicions that Snuka killed his wife, but this remains unproven.

4. Changing The Story

Jimmy Snuka and Nancy before her death in 1983

Since the death of his wife Nancy, Jimmy told different stories about the night of her death. Even during his trial, the true story never came out.

Once the ambulance arrived, Snukka claimed his wife went to sleep before he went to work for the WWF, this after a so-called play-wrestling fight. However, he told a completely different story at the hospital, stating the pair argued.

Snuka’s second story involved Nancy slipping and banging her head on the road when she tried to make her way back to the car. Years later, Jimmy changed his story again in his book and during the trial.

5. Dark Side Of The Ring Claims Inappropriate Behaviour At The Funeral

allegations towards Jimmy Snuka are investigated during Dark Side of the Ring

Jimmy Snuka acted strangely during the funeral of the wife he claimed to love. After turning up at the house with Buddy Rogers, he walked to her coffin, took her hand and started crying.

While the first reaction was appropriate, the second was less so. Jimmy turned to Caroline and said “She looks terrible”.

The weird behavior of Snuka caused lots of suspicions among Nancy’s family. Unfortunately, there is no substantial proof that Snuka indeed killed his wife.

6. Accidental Death

Was Jimmy Snuka helped by Vince McMahon?

An accidental death was the eventual ruling after an investigation. Evidently, this left the family completely stunned.

Shortly after the death of her daughter, Nancy received a phone call from Snuka’s promoter. During the phone call, the “unknown” promoter offered her $25,000.

Court documents never identified the promoter, but many believe the promoter is none other than the WWF. Nancy’s mother eventually filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Snuka and the ruling awarded her $500,000. 

7. New Investigation In 2013

Jimmy Snuka was investigated again in 2013

The suspicious death of Nancy remained closed for many years, until 2013. Several journalists uncovered the wrongful death lawsuit won by the Argentino family, which contained vital information used to reopen the case.

While there was much evidence pointing to murder, the last sentence in the autopsy findings used during the wrongful death lawsuit was the most convincing:

“In view the autopsy findings and the discrepancies in the clinical history, I believe that the case should be investigated as a homicide until proven otherwise.”

8. Snuka Signed Documents Without Reading Them First

Jimmy Snuka's wife says he could not read or write english

During Dark Side of The Ring, Jimmy Snuka’s ex-wife Carole revealed that Snuka did not have the ability to read and write in English. In other words, Snuka signed the contracts offered by Vince McMahon without any additional checks.

According to Carole, Vince McMahon influenced the outcome of the investigation. Allegedly, Snuka signed an agreement given to him by Vince and in the presence of the police.

To this day, there are allegations that Vince McMahon helped to cover up the murder of Nancy Argentino. However, there are only rumors and no substantial evidence to support the allegations.

9. Carole Believes Snuka Didn’t Know About The Trial

Jimmy Snuka didn't remember the trial

In 2015, Jimmy Snuka went to trial for the third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter of Nancy. However, Snuka suffered from stomach cancer and dementia at the time, which meant he did not know what was going on.

When looking back at footage at the time, it is clear that Snuka seems confused.  Carole also stated that her husband did not realise what was going on at the time and did not remember the trial.

10. Dark Side Of The Ring Messes Up Snuka’s Death Date

Dark Side of the Ring messes up death date

As you know already, Jimmy Snuka died on the 15th of January 2017. However, the makers of the program got the death date wrong, claiming he died in january 2015.

Jimmy Snuka died in 2017 from cancer complications. Snuka was never convicted of the murder of Nancy, as a judge deemed him incompetent to stand trial and dismissed the charges on the 3rd of January 2017.

Many Allegations During Dark Side Of The Ring

Dark Side of the Ring did not bring new information, but reiterated the controversy surrounding Nancy’s death perfectly. To this day, many believe Snuka killed his wife Nancy in a fit of rage, but due to his death in 2017 that was never proven.

The only comfort Nancy’s family has is the outcome of the wrongful death lawsuit. In addition to that, the reputation of Jimmy Snuka will be stained forever.