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Top WWE Superstar Returning, Hacker Identity Coming Soon

A top WWE Superstar is set to return to television very soon, possibly tonight. Also, the mystery hacker in WWE may be crashing Money In The Bank.

A top WWE Superstar is set to return to television very soon, possibly tonight. Also, the mystery hacker in WWE may be crashing Money In The Bank.

Top WWE Superstar Returning

Tonight’s Monday Night RAW has actually been taped already. It may feature a top WWE Superstar returning.

What comes next may be a spoiler…so if you want to watch tonight and be completely surprised, turn away now. You’ve been warned.

We have not seen AJ Styles since he was defeated by The Undertaker in the Boneyard Match at WrestleMania. We also haven’t seen Styles since his two Good Brothers were shown the door.

Top WWE Superstar Returning
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That AJ Styles absence should be coming to an end tonight. He is slated to return on RAW, just in time for Money In The Bank.

His timely return could actually get him into the men’s ladder match. Remember that there will be a match to determine the final men’s participant, due to Apollo Crews’ injury.

Might we end up seeing Styles be a surprise participant in that match? Or will WWE have him get involved in some other role for the Money In The Bank PPV?

His return is later today. Money In The Bank is Sunday.

We should have a much better idea of Styles role very soon.

It is worth wondering how things will be for Styles moving forward. Considering that Gallows and Anderson were two of his closest friends within WWE, seeing them cut loose may not make the Superstar overjoyed.

Styles did take to social media after the releases were announced to sound off.

The WWE hacker appears to be planning something for Money In The Bank pay-per-view

Considering his accomplishments, you’d think WWE wouldn’t punish someone like AJ Styles. Then again, this is still a company run by Vince McMahon, so we can never tell.

Hacker Identity Coming Soon

In the last month or so, WWE has seen a hacker inserting themselves into SmackDown storylines. If a recent, cryptic, post is to be believed, the hacker identity may be coming soon.

Specifically, it seems like the mysterious individual is determined to reveal themselves to us at Money In The Bank.

Now, with the identity perhaps less than a week away from reveal, we can expect the speculation to ramp up.

Thus far, many expect the hacker to be Mustafa Ali. Some clues point to a likely Ali link.

Specifically, the ring of lights certainly resembles Ali’s ring attire of old. Some of the language used also dovetails nicely with previous Ali promo work.

That said, there are some other interesting theories. It isn’t unheard of to have someone plant some things to make us think one name, but give us another.

Here are some other popular options.

One note on Gable-Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak will be joined by a mystery partner on Friday’s SmackDown. We’ve heard rumors of a new stable for Bryan and Gulak, rounded out by Gable.

If Gable does indeed join them on Friday, it’s likely that the one time Shorty G isn’t the hacker.

We’ve got less than a week till we find out!

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