Undertaker Talks Boneyard Match

Undertaker Talks Boneyard Match

Undertaker Talks Boneyard Match

Just over a week ago, we got to take in WrestleMania 36.  That included a Boneyard Match.

Sure, the show was a recorded effort. Yes, it was strung out over two nights. But it was entertaining, and we needed it.

One of the most entertaining matches of the entire weekend was that heavily produced Boneyard Match. We’ve already covered a lot about the match, but given how well-received that match was, let’s talk about it some more.

Specifically, one of the two Superstars involved, The Undertaker, is taking time to talk about the Boneyard Match.

The Phenom is a fan of Nine Line Apparel. He recently spoke to them for an Instagram Live segment.

For starters, here is how the future Hall of Famer felt about the match:

The final product — I couldn’t be more proud of it. Under the circumstances, all the different things going on, everybody pulled together and put something like that out there that was different and was intriguing. I can’t speak for AJ, but I’m very proud of what we did

When asked about why it was a Boneyard Match, as opposed to a Buried Alive Match, as we’ve seen before:

Well, if I would have made the match, I would have said, ‘Okay, this is a Buried Alive Match,'” Undertaker stated. “AJ Styles doesn’t know anything about Buried Alive Matches, he called it a Boneyard Match, he’s the one who made the match, so, now it’s a Boneyard Match. Even Buried Alive Matches generally happened in the arena, so I think we were just trying to give our audience something like, ‘What is that?’ We try to add a little bit of intrigue and get people talking

At the end of it all, the match was well done. Both men did great work. The fact we are still talking about it over a week later speaks volumes.

Reby Hardy Rips WWE

Reby Hardy and Matt Hardy

Anyone who has been paying attention in recent years knows Reby Hardy. They would also know that Matt Hardy’s wife is not shy and will not sugarcoat things.

This time is no different.

WWE made a bit of news over the weekend. The company announced that, as of this evening’s RAW, they will resume live matches.

That change is a bit surprising. Plans had been in place to record upwards of a month’s worth of matches, the same as the company had done in recent weeks.

We’ve yet to hear anything either way about how the local government feels about WWE getting back into the live recording business…but a former Superstar’s wife was happy to offer her opinion.

Specifically, Reby Hardy had this to say, via a couple of her posts on Twitter:

She’s not wrong, even though many people are happy for the distractions.

Hardy, however, doubled down on her remarks…

WWE tries to return to live matches tonight. We shall see how long they can run before they have issues.