summerslam undergoes huge change

In this crazy and uncertain time, it should come as no surprise that WWE’s SummerSlam would undergo a huge change. Also, a Vince McMahon idea got scrapped.

SummerSlam Undergoes Huge Change

There have been lots of changes to WWE’s live event schedule. WrestleMania was the first (and biggest) event to be pre-taped and without fans.

This weekend, we have our second impacted WWE PPV. It may not be our last.

Even if WWE was willing and able to get things back to stadiums and arenas, they still have to comply with local guidelines. Per an announcement from the Mayor of Boston, SummerSlam may be on life support as initially planned.

summerslam undergoes huge change

SummerSlam is currently scheduled for August 23rd in Boston. With the Mayor’s announcement that major summer events, specifically those attracting large crowds, aren’t happening until after Labor Day, WWE likely will have to pivot to a plan B.

The mayor even says for event organizers to begin seeking other opportunities or make other plans. While he did leave some wiggle room for some considerations for special events, it would seem unlikely that WWE would get a pass for SummerSlam.

Now, will WWE do what’s been done and plan a Performance Center SummerSlam? Or will WWE delay the event until September, hoping that Boston presents a viable venue by then?

Things are constantly evolving, so stay tuned to see what else develops.

Vince McMahon Idea Scrapped

It isn’t often that Vince McMahon has an idea scrapped. We have a report of one recent scrapping, however.

Hows this for an, um, interesting concept?

Fortunately for me, I barely recall the focus on Lashley’s backside. With that in mind, I am not sure how such an idea would have gone over.

Bobby Lashley WWE superstar draft

Sad as it may be to say it, I have to consider that idea playing out in our current state. While the schtick is gone, it was clearly an angle and idea that would have needed to happen in front of a crowd.

It might have actually gotten Elias more over, even if it seems a bit of an odd idea.

Regardless, per, the idea got axed (obviously, as we never saw it). We can only wonder what could have happened.

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