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It takes a special kind of lowlife to take advantage of grandpa dying alone in a hospital during coronavirus. That’s what police believe Danielle Conti actually did. The veteran NYC nurse has been charged with stealing the credit card from a man in her care who was dying of coronavirus. 

Anthony Catapano was admitted to Staten Island University Hospital North in early April. He died on Easter morning, April 12th, but his daughter noticed someone had been using the widower’s American Express card during his time in the hospital.

This meant someone inside the hospital must have taken his credit card from his wallet as he laid dying in the hospital. 

NYC Nurses Uses Credit Card For Gas And Groceries 

On April 9th, three days before Capatano succumbed to coronavirus, $60.23 was charged to his personal credit card.

Police say it was used at a gas station. The Capatano family reports it was also used at a ShopRite store.

This was during the height of the pandemic in New York as the Big Apple was getting 1,200 cases a day. That’s when it is reported Conti went shopping with the dying man’s credit card. 

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This is incredibly disturbing in any situation, but it’s inflamed by the pandemic.

Family members are not allowed to visit their loved ones battling COVID-19 at the hospital. They don’t even get to say goodbye to dying patients. The staff must advocate for these ill people.

Now, it is believed that rather than advocate for Capatano, Staten Island nurse Danielle Conti used his credit card as her personal piggy bank. 

After retrieving his belongings following his death, the Capatano family noticed some things were missing. That’s when his daughter checked his credit card statements and saw a red flag. 

“I can’t believe a person could do something like that to someone fighting for his life,” said the victim’s daughter, Tara Catapano. “This is a nurse who took an oath to treat, protect and save patients. It’s disgusting … Never in a million years did I expect any of this to happen.”

“She is a despicable human being,” she continued. “How would she feel if somebody did this to her parents when they were gravely ill? I hope she gets what she deserves, and loses her license and her job.”

NYC Nurse Arrested For Stealing From Dying Coronavirus Victim

Now, Conti is facing criminal charges of grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property and petit larceny.

The nurse has worked at the hospital since 2007 and police believe she lifted the dying man’s credit card as she was making rounds.

In addition to possible jail time, she has been suspended from her job and may be fired. 

More information on this appalling case is in the video below. 

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