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Danielle Conti Anthony Catapano
May 11, 2020
A veteran NYC nurse is facing jail time after cops say she stole a credit card from a man dying of COVID-19 while she did her hospital rounds.
May 31, 2018
Negotiating with credit card companies might sound a little frightening.  But once you understand how it works, it’s a great way to take back your finances
May 17, 2018
If your’re planning to apply for something that requires a credit check in the next few months, these tips for repairing your credit will be essential
April 12, 2018
You’ll need good credit to rent an apartment or make large purchases. Credit mistakes follow you around for years, a good credit rating will be important
October 16, 2017
It’s important to have an active approach to negotiating with your credit card issuer about reducing your interest rate payments.
September 28, 2017
Sonic Drive-In has 3,600 locations across the country. Now, anyone who used a credit card at one of the restaurants is being told to check statements.
September 26, 2017
Credit card companies use wage garnishment as a tactic to collect from consumers. However laws may limit the debt collector’s ability to garnish your wages.
September 25, 2017
Yes, credit card companies can sue customers who have defaulted balances with them. Each issuer has individual policies for when and if they sue customers
September 11, 2017
2017 household debt in the first quarter is now as high as similar levels in 2008. Some pundits are stating that a recession is looming. Some are