Miley Cyrus on coronavirus pandemic and Hollywood privilege

Hollywood stars are constantly commenting on life and politics from their mansions. Despite the fact that most of them have lost all touch with reality as members of the liberal elite.  So much so that outliers like Ryan Reynolds, Ricky Gervais and even Pat Sajak mock them for their tone deaf rants. But not Miley. In a refreshing twist, Miley Cyrus just admitted she can’t imagine what the coronavirus pandemic is like for regular people because of her Hollywood privilege. 

Miley Admits She Has ‘No Idea What Pandemic Is Like’

While many wealthy Hollywood stars whine about being quarantined in their mansions during this pandemic, Billy Ray’s daughter is content. 

“This isn’t Covid-19, what I’m experiencing. My life has been pushed pause on, but really I have no idea what this pandemic is like,” Cyrus told WSJ. Magazine.

Cyrus added, “I am comfortable in my space and able to put food on my table and [I am] financially stable, and that’s just not the story for a lot of people.” 

Apparently, Miley Cyrus doesn’t share Ellen DeGeneres’ view on celebrity quarantine. Young Miley sounds grateful in contrast to Ellen’s seemingly painful imprisonment.

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Miley Cyrus Discusses New Instagram Show 

Currently, the “Party In The USA” singer is promoting her new Instagram live talk show, “Bright Minded”. So far, the pop country star has managed to book various high-profile guests just by messaging them on social media. 

“I’m sure a lot of the hesitation for other people saying yes to doing the show is because it almost doesn’t feel right for celebrities to share our experience. Because it just doesn’t compare,” she said.

“This show makes people nervous because it’s not the usual talk show format. It’s intimate, and you don’t have your team when you’re [filmling] at home,” Cyrus added.

“You don’t have your publicist and your glam and all the things. You’re letting people into your space, and you’re controlling the tech and all that stuff.”

On her show, Cyrus plans to go deep into some serious topics amidst the coronavirus era. Issues like the housing crisis and financial troubles. 

“None of that’s going away,” Cyrus said. “Many of these issues are being highlighted because of Covid-19, but they existed before and they’re going to continue to exist and get worse.”

How Coronavirus Has Affected Miley Cyrus Personally

As for how coronavirus is affecting her personally, Cyrus said that while she is glad to be able to communicate with her loved ones, this is “the longest” she’s gone without physically seeing her mom, Tish Cyrus, and her grandmother.

When asked if Cyrus would consider transitioning to becoming a host as well as a singer, she indicated that it is something she does want to do. 

“A lot of what I’ve represented in my entire career is individuality and gender identity and sexual identity,” she said.

“So yeah, I would love to create a platform where individuality is highlighted and a place for good news and light and activism and optimism and highlighting the folks doing really big work who don’t always get the attention that is deserved.”

It seems that Cyrus is far more down to earth than we thought she was!

Her attitude is refreshing. Especially at a time when celebrities seem to want us to feel sorry for them. Distraught that they must seclude themselves in their Beverly Hills mansions.

More celebrities should take a page out of Miley Cyrus’ playbook. It’s time they realize just how good they have it! 

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