Watch Hero Karen Save Her Choking Neighbor

A Florida man who is minutes from choking to death ran to neighbor Karen's house and video shows Karen saves his life with the heimlich.

A man who was just minutes away from death by choking ran to his neighbor’s home and pounded on the door. A doorbell video shows that having good neighbors like Karen can literally save your life!

After seeing this video, you will want to make sure you know and have good relationships with those who live around you. 

Your Neighbor Could Save Your Life

When seconds matter, it is imperative to trust the people around you. It used to be that everyone knew each other in their neighborhood.

We had more encounters with people in real life than we did virtually through our smart phones. Albeit that was before the coronavirus pandemic that has all of us social distancing.

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Billy Bass was eating when a piece of food went down the wrong pipe. The Orlando middle school gym teacher knew that he didn’t have much time to get it unlodged.

He was home alone. Since there was no one to help him as he was choking, somehow he found the strength to run over to Karen Arando’s home in hopes that someone would be there. If nobody was home, it would have been doomsday for this man.

He knocked furiously and his neighbors came out to to see what was happening. Thankfully, it only took her a second to realize he was choking and what he needed.

She knew the Heimlich maneuver and used it immediately. That lifesaving encounter only took seconds. When Bass needed his neighbors the most, they were there for him!

These Florida neighbors have known each other for 15 years. Arando knew something was wrong as soon as she saw it was Bass banging on her door. He is usually incredibly upbeat and cheerful. This time he was panic stricken.

She said: 

“He’s always laughing, but when I saw that look in his eyes I knew something was wrong.”

After his airway is cleared, Bass is heard telling the Arandos there is no need to call 911 as he can breathe. He told Karen that she saved his life.

Hero Karen Took Red Cross Classes And Knows The Heimlich

Fortunately, neighbor Karen was prepared to help because she has taken the lifesaving Red Cross classes for work. She knows both the Heimlich maneuver and CPR. 

“It was very hard to do. It’s the scariest thing. I work in the dental field, so I do take the CPR course. I’ve never ever used it on anybody.”

The gym teacher is incredibly grateful to his friend who saved his life. This incident underscores how important it is to know and trust your neighbors.  

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Billy later said, 

“I call her the ‘Latina Wonder Woman,’ she was so strong!” 

After you see the video below of hero Karen in action, you will probably want to go talk to your neighbors.

Choking is so scary – you can visibly see how hard it is for Billy to breathe in the video.

It’s incredible that he even made it to Karen’s house for help. Now he can thank his neighbor who saved his life.

The relief Billy showed when he was able to breathe again gave me goosebumps. What a dramatic moment!

God bless Karen – she did not hesitate even for second when she saw her neighbor in distress.

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