Archie Bunker Loses His Cool When He Learns His Doctor Is A Woman

Archie Bunker All In The Family

Nobody could keep us entertained quite like Archie Bunker. The hard-working man didn’t have a high tolerance for nonsense. And that was certainly apparent when he had to go to the hospital for surgery. Archie had to be prepped and examined for surgery by a female, immigrant doctor from the West Indies and it makes for classic non-PC TV.

The 1970s was an era of extreme change and the “All In The Family” patriarch didn’t quite understand how to comprehend and adjust to this new world. 

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“Mr. Bonkers” Goes To The Hospital

Archie probably realized this was going to be a different sort of stay at the hospital when he checked in. A woman with a thick Spanish accent was assisting him. She appropriately called him “Mr. Bonkers.”

When he got perturbed that she took a phone call while she was checking him in, she began talking about him in Spanish. Archie also didn’t understand why so many doctors with the last name Shapiro were working at a Presbyterian hospital. 

When he was asked what kind of room he wanted Archie bluntly replied, “Give me any room at all as long as there isn’t a guy in it with hoses up his nose.”

Check out the clip below for a good laugh. Notice how Gloria is reading a “Playgirl” magazine at the end, much to Archie’s dismay!

As funny as this video is, the second one is even better!

Archie Bunker’s Female Doctor Has To Shave Him

Archie was in the hospital for surgery and this story continues. This can be an embarrassing situation as nothing is off limits.

It all literally is hanging out and you need to have complete trust in your doctors and nurses. Archie was quite concerned about his doctor. He didn’t want a woman seeing him naked. 

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Archie Bunker’s doctor was from the West Indies so he was also concerned she might use voodoo while treating him.

Even more uncomfortable is the fact that she had to shave him in an area that isn’t his face. Archie was not okay with this idea!

If you loved “All In The Family,” you are going to laugh at the video below.

Many people could relate to Archie Bunker — he was a champion of every man as he said whatever came across his mind.