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NFL legend Deion Sanders hospital release thanks God
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November 10, 2021
The NFL legend Deion Sanders has issued several statements after hospital release, and he's thanking "GOD" for doctors and nurses.
Prince Harry Queen Elizabeth hospital
Screenshot YouTube/Screenshot YouTube
October 28, 2021
Prince Harry reported lost it after learning that Queen Elizabeth was hospitalized, and he went into "panic mode."
Queen Elizabeth hospital health update cancels Ireland trip
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October 22, 2021
After canceling a trip to Northern Ireland for health reasons, Queen Elizabeth spent Wednesday night in the hospital.
Kay Robertson
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June 25, 2021
Kay Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" fame was rushed to the hospital after being attacked by a dog but she remained…
'Hot' Nurse in see-through PPE
May 22, 2020
A "hot" nurse from Russia is being punished after she was photographed wearing only a bra and panties under a…
Archie Bunker All In The Family
May 22, 2020
Archie Bunker was caught off guard when he found out his doctor was a woman and that she would have…
Jon Gosselin Kate Gosselin
April 29, 2020
Jon Gosselin just spoke out to slam his ex-wife Kate for not going back to work as a nurse as…
Ryan Newman
March 12, 2020
Ryan Newman has just spoken out about his horrific crash at the Daytona 500 last month, saying it was a…
Dog the Bounty Hunter
September 17, 2019
Dog The Bounty Hunter was rushed to the hospital over the weekend for what looked like a heart problem; he…
anti-vaxxers autsim
November 20, 2018
Anti-vaxxers refuse to get the proper precautionary treatment for a number of reasons, ranging from cost concerns to the belief…
Babies in stockings
December 22, 2017
Babies in stockings have become an annual tradition at a Pittsburgh hospital. Staff at this hospital knit stockings for the…