Undertaker: The Last Ride

The first chapter of WWE’s Undertaker: The Last Ride was all about Mark Calaway’s fears. It was a hopeful yet heartbreaking chapter, which we will summarize for you now.

1. Mark Wrestled Mick Foley With A Broken Foot

Mark Calaway wrestled Mick Foley with a broken footbri

Mick Foley received a lot of punishment during the infamous Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker. However, many people do not realise that Taker was in a significant amount of pain to begin with!

During the documentary, Mark admitted he wrestled Mick Foley with a broken foot during that match. When you see Mark jump down from the cage, it is clear that his foot is bothering him. 

Aside from the single wince coming down the cage, Mark does not let on that his foot is broken. So, both Mick Foley and Taker are some tough cookies!

2. The Undertaker Is The Toughest Man Ever!

The Undertaker was in a considerable amount of pain at WrestleMania 33

Chapter 1 takes place around WrestleMania 33, where Mark Calaway takes on Roman Reigns in his retirement match. While he genuinely believed he would retire at the time, we now know that he hasn’t.

Now, Undertaker is visibly in pain throughout chapter 1. We see him during multiple doctor visits, having problems with his knees and hip. 

One of the toughest moments to watch during this chapter happened at WrestleMania 33. Mark Calaway lays on an exam bed, while a medical professional is putting a needle in his knee, removing bloody fluid.

Mark seemed to be in pain, but did not let on too much. That earned him the title of the toughest man we have ever known!

While Mark is still wrestling, it is clear that the years of wrestling have taken a toll on his body. Sometimes, these moments were very difficult to watch.

3. Michelle McCool Is One Amazing Wife

Michelle McCool is one amazing wife

Now, I would like to take a moment to give Michelle McCool a bit of a shout out. Her husband goes through these continuous struggles, yet she has remained supportive of her husband.

Seeing your husband in pain is never easy, especially when it is something that could be avoided if he stopped wrestling. The fact she continued to support him in his passion makes her one amazing woman.

Of course, Michelle McCool is also a former wrestler with quite a few accolades to her name. Unlike many other people, she understands the sacrifice and hard work that accompanies pro wrestling.

4. The Severity Of His Concussion At WrestleMania 30

We never knew just how severe Taker's concussion was

While we knew that The Undertaker suffered a serious concussion at WrestleMania 30, we never knew just how serious that concussion was. During the documentary, Mark revealed more details about the concussion and the effect it had on him.

Some of the details revealed about his concussion we already knew, including the fact he still cannot remember anything from the match. In fact, the last memories he had are from the afternoon on the day of WrestleMania 33.

One of the new details that emerged about his concussion scare was that Vince McMahon and Brock Lesnar were at Mark’s side, even when WrestleMania continued. Michelle McCool recalled the moment in tears.

5. Triple H Was A Great Support To Mark

Triple H was a major support for Mark after his concussion

Now, this is one of the things that surprised me the most, but also put a smile on my face. According to Mark, Triple H was a big support to him after suffering his concussion at WrestleMania 30.

When he was about to face Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 31, Mark admitted he doubted himself and his ability. Nobody noticed anything was wrong, except for Triple H.

During Undertaker: The Last Ride, we see Triple saying to The Undertaker:

“Show them who the f*ck you are. F*ck last year, kill this thing!”

6. The Respect From Other Wrestlers

The Undertaker Could Get Paid More Without Offending Anyone

As we all know, The Undertaker enjoys a lot of respect from his peers, this includes wrestling legends such as Scott Hall. During Undertaker: The Last Ride, he admitted he would have no problem if Mark got paid more than him for a match.

Throughout the documentary, it was clear that The Phenom gets lots of respect from his colleagues. From Triple H to Scott Hall and Chris Jericho, the respect for Mark Calaway was noticeable throughout.

7. Scared He No Longer Appeals To The Younger Generations

Undertaker: The Last Ride


One of the statements made by Mark Calaway during Chapter 1 really stuck with me. He mentioned that he is scared that when a father and son watch him wrestle, the father would say:

“Yeah, he’s much slower now, but you should have seen him 10-15 years ago”.

The struggles of The Undertaker with his body getting older are also very clear throughout Chapter 1. Despite his struggles, Takes does not seem to really want to retire, given his passion for the job.

8. Chris Jericho Believed Wrestlemania 33 Would Be The Undertaker’s Last

In Chapter 1, we also see Chris Jericho recalling the backstage cameras following The Undertaker during Wrestlemania 33. He later said he believed that it was The Undertaker’s last appearance.

9. Ready To Do Everything To Make Vince Happy

Vince McMahon The Undertaker Saudi Arabia

Another interesting fact from Chapter 1 is that The Undertaker will do almost anything to keep Vince happy. It shows he has a deep respect for Vince McMahon, even at the detriment of his own health.

10. The Undertaker Does Not Know When He Will Retire

WWE The Undertaker

Mark Calaway makes a number of statements throughout Chapter 1 that make it seem like he is lost without wrestling. Despite the numerous injuries and the pain he goes through, he keeps returning to the ring.

A lot of superstars chimed in on the topic, including Stone Cold Steve Austin. He stated how it is time for Taker to retire, but that this is a hard thing to do.

After chapter 1, we are unsure if Mark will ever be done with wrestling. He wrestled with a broken foot, has numerous surgeries just to be able to wrestle and loves this business more than anyone else.

I am curious to see what Undertaker: The Last Ride chapter 2 brings, because the story certainly looked to develop further in the preview. One thing is certain though, his story so far shows an inspirational man who does not work within limits.

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