WrestleMania 32 & 33 Photos: Roman Reigns Is “The Guy”

We finish our photo series on WrestleMania by looking at the past two events. A common theme in both, and one that still continues, is Roman Reigns earning the nickname "The Guy" by headlining several consecutive cards.

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With WrestleMania 34 getting closer each passing day, we continue our trip looking back at historic photos from the largest wrestling show produced every year since 1985. Don’t forget to check our galleries from WrestleMania I, WrestleMania 2-4, WrestleMania 5-7, WrestleMania 8-10, WrestleMania 11-13, WrestleMania 14-16WrestleMania 17-19, WrestleMania 20-22, WrestleMania 23-25WrestleMania 26-28, and finally WrestleMania 29-31.

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