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The Firefly Fun House has spoken to the imagination of many WWE fans. When the first episode came out, not many fans knew what to make of all the craziness going on.

Now, fans are absolutely crazy about Bray Wyatt’s latest invention. To celebrate the recent Firefly Fun House match at WrestleMania, let’s take a closer look at the best episodes of the Firefly Fun House!

The Very First Episode

After a long absence, Bray Wyatt returned to WWE television. However, he did not return as the patriarch of the Wyatt family.

Wyatt became the host of a rather dark children’s show, or so we were meant to believe. In fact, it would soon become clear that darkness was taking over.

During the first episode, we got to meet some of the new characters Wyatt would include in his show. Of course, all characters bore reference to his old character, including Abby the Witch and Mercy the Buzzard. 

Also, to mark the death of his old character, Bray decided to attack a cardboard cutout of himself with a chainsaw. Needless to say, fans were not sure what they were watching at the time at WrestleMania 36.

The Word Of The Day

Every passing week gave us more hints about The Fiend character. From talking about his suppressed feelings to painting the burning Wyatt Family home, they were all strong hints of things to come.

The Word of the Day episode also introduced a new character called Rambling Rabbit. Over the months, he has become one of the most featured characters in the Firefly Fun House, give or take being killed off a couple of times.

Finally, Bray introduced the word of the day, which was ironically sociopath. This is also the episode that made me laugh the most and got me totally hooked on the Firefly Fun House.

Mercy The Buzzard Eats Rambling Rabbit

The third episode of the Fun House marked the first death of Rambling Rabbit, at the hands – or should we say “beak” – of Mercy The Buzzard. With the death of the rabbit, more interesting details about The Fiend were revealed.

With every passing week, it was clear that Bray was transforming into something. During this episode, we once again saw the iconic “heal” and “hurt” gloves, but also more weird psychotic statements from Wyatt himself.

The Fiend Is Revealed

After weeks of speculation, Bray finally revealed his new character, The Fiend. It all started with a secret…

The revelation of The Fiend made fans go crazy all over social media. The creepy mask, horror-like backgrounds and the demonic voice was certainly something different.

The Fiend Limbo

Bray Wyatt’s old character came over as psychotic, but his new character certainly took it to a whole new level during this episode. 

When speaking to Abby the Witch, it was revealed that Abby was stuck in limbo because of Bray. Of course, this was an invitation for Bray to actually do a limbo with some unamused children in the Fun House. 

The Fiend limbo episode actually showed a separation between The Fiend and Wyatt himself. Even though they were connected, there was a clear distinction between the playful nature of Wyatt and the demonic appearance that was The Fiend.

The Very Special Episode

The Very Special Episode of the Firefly Fun House was all about exercise. It also introduced another new character to the mix, Huskus the Pig Boy.

In addition to Huskus the Pig Boy, Bray Wyatt also introduced the Boss character. While he wasn’t named during the episode, it was clear to everyone that the character was meant to represent Vince McMahon.

The episode ended with an exercise song called the muscle man dance. It started quite fun, but soon it seemed that Bray Wyatt was attempting to pull viewers to the dark side.

Rambling Rabbit Returns And Dies Again

Just as Rambling Rabbit returned to our screens once more, he attempted to reveal some truths about the Firefly Fun House. Up to that point, we did not know much about The Fiend, but we would soon learn.

As Rambling Rabbit attempted to reveal the truth, he was promptly killed again with a giant mallet. It was also the first introduction of Rambling Rabbit’s Bohemian Breakfast Spread, which enables you to start every morning with a “smash”.

This episode appeared to be one of the funniest when it began, but near the end it turned into one of the most disturbing. But Bray had succeeded in his task, make the WWE audience fear The Fiend.

The Resurrection Of Rambling Rabbit (Again)

Rambling Rabbit has been resurrected more than The Undertaker’s character. However, this time he was killed after a claimed vicious attack by Seth Rollins.

No matter how disturbing the resurrection of Rambling Rabbit got, something extraordinary happened during this segment. The crowd was getting behind Wyatt and his Fiend character.

The Darkest Episodes Of Firefly Fun House

The feud between The Fiend and The Miz marked some of the darker Firefly Fun House episodes, if that is even possible! However, Wyatt involved Miz’ family and this gave the entire thing a much darker tone.

There were several episodes involving The Miz and the fun house. The first occurred during an episode of SmackDown, which put Miz on the radar of Wyatt.

The Firefly Fun House also visited The Miz’ home. The entire episode was really creepy, especially since it involved Miz’ young daughter Monroe at the time.

The John Cena Firefly Fun House Match

When mentioning the best of the Firefly Fun House, you can’t look past the John Cena Firefly Fun House match. To this day, I’m still not sure what I watched!

John Cena was taken on a trip through wrestling history, from the Hulk Hogan era to the NWO. Needless to say, John was not the only one taken on a journey.

Before the start of the match, Cena said he would end the career of the most over-hyped WWE superstar. As Cena was defeated by The Fiend, his prophetic words were played in the background.

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