SmackDown's Mystery Hacker

The mystery hacker on SmackDown has fans talking, but now it seems the WWE mystery man might be unmasked. In other news, Cody Rhodes hints at his own retirement in preparation for his next feud.

SmackDown’s Mystery Hacker

SmackDown's Mystery Hacker

SmackDown’s mystery hacker caused a lot of damage to the SmackDown Roster, especially to Dolph Ziggler and Sonya Deville. While the identity of the mystery hacker is still unknown, fans believe they discovered the identity of the mysterious figure.

Please note, if you don’t want to know who the mystery hacker is, don’t read past this point!

The fan in question believes the mystery hacker could be one of two men, Mustafa Ali or Chad Gable. And the fan could be quite right about that.

After decoding the voice recordings, one can clearly hear the voice of Gable in one message and that of Ali in the other. While it could be the case of the WWE using different men so the true identity of the mystery hacker is not revealed, how great would it be if it turned out to be both of them.

Ali and Gable have been suffering a little in the wrestling department, but them being the “mystery hackers” could be a great little twist. I hope this is the WWE’s plan,  but you never know!

At this point in time, Ali is a likely choice and probably the smart choice as well. After all, he is popular among the WWE Universe and still needs to get his opportunity.

As for Chad Gable, I would love to see him succeed. He was a member of NXT’s most successful tag team, only to disappear on the main roster.

Both men have a great career ahead of them, but are they both the mystery hacker?

AEW Veteran Teases Retirement

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This week, AEW aired a clip of Cody Rhodes listening to a message from his brother Dustin. In it, Dustin states that if he doesn’t beat his next challenger for the TNT Championship Tournament, he will retire. 

“To be the first TNT Champion means every frickin’ thing you can possibly imagine to me. One of the things I really want to discuss you — I’d really like to talk with you instead of texting or voice mailing you this — look, this guy Kip Sabian is no joke. If I cannot beat that son of a b—-, I will retire.”

As you all know, Dustin Rhodes has been wrestling for a long time. In fact, his wrestling career started as early as 1988.

Goldust (Dustin Rhodes) may have been around for a long time, but is he truly ready to retire? And what happens if he does?

The single message from Dustin Rhodes has peaked my interest in AEW to a whole other level. Do you realise we could potentially see the retirement of one of the most iconic wrestlers in the world?

Want to find out what happens to Dustin Rhodes formerly known as Goldust? Be sure to tune in for the road to the TNT Championship!