James Woods shuts down Conan O'Brien for offensive Jesus joke

Conservative actor James Woods stepped up to blast late night television host Conan O’Brien after shamelessly mocked Jesus Christ and Donald Trump in a tweeted ‘joke’.

Conan O’Brien Makes Offensive Joke Against Christians

The late night host took to Twitter on Easter Sunday with a truly off color joke that was offensive to millions of Christians.

Not only did O’Brien take aim at Jesus Christ, he used the holy day to poke fun at President Donald Trump and coronavirus treatment.

“Trump says Jesus could have avoided crucifixion by taking hydroxychloroquine,” O’Brien wrote.

The liberal world of Hollywood claims to be against bigotry, and they are quick to destroy anyone who dares to criticize religions like Islam in any way.

“Jokes” against Christianity, however, are not only tolerated but celebrated by the Hollywood left. Which is yet another example of their despicable hypocrisy.

James Woods Fires Back At Conan

Thankfully, James Woods is a conservative star who isn’t afraid to risk his career to shut down liberal hypocrites like Conan.

He took to his own Twitter page to reference the deadly 2015 massacre at the Paris office of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

The French newspaper famously dared to commit the “crime” of publishing a cartoon depicting the prophet Muhammad.

Woods thus suggested that Conan would never have the “guts” to make this kind of “joke” about a Muslim religious figure.

“I remember when comedians in Paris mocked the Muslim faith. Thank God we Catholics just turn the other cheek,” Woods wrote.

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Social Media Users Praise James Woods

Woods’ tweet immediately went viral, with Christians everywhere cheering him on for schooling the smug late night host.

If the modern American left is going to continue to claim that they are warriors against bigotry, they need to stop mocking and attacking Christianity every chance that they get.

Jesus Christ should not be their joke at any time, but especially not on the Easter holiday. 

If a comedian had made this kind of joke about Islam, he or she would have been blacklisted by the entertainment industry immediately.

Since O’Brien went after Christians, however, you should not expect him to face consequences of any kind. 

The hypocrisy of the modern left is truly nauseating. 

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