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Conservative actor James Woods has been suspended from Twitter once again after he posted a photo allegedly showing former Florida gubernatorial candidate and CNN contributor Andrew Gillum unconscious and naked in a South Beach hotel room.

The Guardian reported that Gillum was found in the hotel room earlier this month with a male escort who reportedly overdosed on crystal meth.

Until that moment, Gillum was a rising Democratic star. As the former mayor of Tallahassee who narrowly lost governor race in 2018, Gillum was reportedly being groomed as the vice presidential running mate for Elizabeth Warren.

The politician turned CNN analyst, who is married to a woman and the father of three children, was so intoxicated when officers arrive at the Miami hotel room that he could not even communicate, according to the official police report.

James Woods Suspended By Twitter

Last night, James Woods’ girlfriend Sara Miller took to Twitter to announce that the actor had been suspended again. This time for posting photos that allegedly showed Gillum passed out on the floor of the Miami hotel room.

“So @RealJamesWoods has been locked out of his account again for sharing ‘intimate media’ of a drunk, naked, puking politician,” she tweeted. “His response: ‘Twitter is, of course, protecting Andrew Gillum because no one should ever know how vile these Democrat scum truly are.’ #FreeJamesWoods.”

A screenshot posted by Miller shows that Twitter claimed to have suspended the 72-year-old actor for “violating our rules against posting or sharing privately produced/distributed intimate media of someone without their consent.”

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However, it should be noted that graphic, uncensored pornography can be pulled up on Twitter at any time. This lends credence to Woods’ claims that this is a censorship play by the social media goliath.

While the alleged unauthorized tweet was removed, NewsOne documented what Woods wrote:

“Just remember, this could have been Florida’s governor in the midst of the #WuhanCoronaVirus pandemic,” Woods wrote in his tweet. “Make sure you vote #Republican in November like your life depends on it. Because it does.”

#FreeJamesWoods Goes Viral 

This is not the first time Woods has been banned from Twitter for expressing pro-conservative sentiments, so the hashtag #FreeJamesWoods quickly went viral again.

Twitter Is Biased Against Conservatives 

It often seems like liberals can post absolutely anything they want on social media. Regardless of how outlandish it may be, these liberals don’t seem to suffer any repercussions.

Meanwhile, sites like Twitter are ready and willing to silence a conservative voice at the drop of a hat.

It would be interesting to see how – and if – Twitter would have reacted had Woods posted this kind of compromising photo of a conservative.

In the end, this suspension will not deter James Wood. He will continue on as a conservative champion, and spotlight the bias against Republicans that plagues our country today.

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