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Joy Behar joke
Joy Behar left Meghan McCain speechless on “The View” with a homophobic joke about the first openly gay NFL player.
Chris Pratt voting joke Onward People's Choice Awards
Hollywood star Chris Pratt’s joke about voting related to the Disney animated film “Onward” got blasted by the outrage mob as “offensive”.
James Woods shuts down Conan O'Brien for offensive Jesus joke
Conservative actor James Woods stepped up to blast late night television host Conan O’Brien after he viciously mocked Jesus Christ and Donald Trump.
blonde joke walmart
April 9, 2018
In one joke, a blonde lady goes into a Walmart to purchase a television, but things go horribly wrong. After reading this joke
wife advice husband
March 26, 2018
Marriage doesn’t come without its challenges and sometimes fights happen! When they do, tempers rise and things can get out of hand. Below was some advice one woman was given by her doctor for her husband’s bad temper!
blonde joke
March 5, 2018
Everyone loves a good blonde joke. They are hilarious, and everyone knows one that they love to tell every chance they get
blonde joke
February 20, 2018
In one hilarious blonde joke, a woman is stranded on an island with a redhead and a brunette, and the three women are trying
blonde joke
February 15, 2018
Everyone loves a good blonde joke. They are funny, and often times very true. These jokes will keep you laughing all day and night
blonde joke
February 14, 2018
Everyone loves a good blonde joke. They are funny, and sometimes very true. In one joke, two blondes are driving down the road in Kansas
blonde joke
February 12, 2018
Almost all of us know a hilarious joke, one always makes us, and everyone we know, laugh. Blonde jokes are some of the funniest jokes out there, and there’s one blonde joke that will have you laughing all day.
Blonde jokes thermos
February 7, 2018
While most of us have a go-to joke that we always laugh at, none are funnier than blonde jokes. Blonde jokes are universally loved, including by blondes, and they are lighthearted and quite clever.
blonde joke
January 30, 2018
everyone loves a good blonde joke, but some of them are funnier than others. Case in point the following joke which is so funny
police joke
January 26, 2018
Everyone loves a good joke, but a police joke can be especially funny, and hopefully if you tell it to a cop they will laugh as well.
Blonde Joke
January 25, 2018
Everyone loves a good blonde joke. They are so funny and you will certainly be laughing for hours on end at the hilarity that ensues
January 25, 2018
A funny joke story about a wife who prohibits her husband from fishing.
Mike Rowe Parents Flu
January 23, 2018
While the flu is very serious, Mike Rowe posted a hilarious joke about his experience with the illness, which everyone will enjoy!
cat math equation
January 10, 2018
A cat math problem has ended up being one of the funniest jokes I have heard in a long time. This joke will keep you laughing for hours
Blonde Joke
January 4, 2018
Everyone loves a good blonde joke. They are silly and a fun way to distract from the daily grind of life. Well, in one joke