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Earlier this week, an Antifa mob descended on the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson, posting to him on social media, “Each night you remind us that we are not safe. Tonight, we remind you that you are not safe either.” Now, conservative Hollywood star James Woods is firing back at this mob in a big way to let them know that if they’re considering targeting him next, they may want to think again.

Antifa Targets Tucker Carlson

Disturbing footage of the mob outside Carlson’s home, which he shares with his wife and four children, was posted to social media on Wednesday night.

Breitbart reported that the mob went so far as to break Carlson’s front door as they chanted threats against him.

James Woods Puts Antifa On Notice

Woods is one of the only actors in Hollywood who is brave enough to voice his pro-Donald Trump views, and has never been someone who is afraid to speak his mind.

After seeing what this mob did to Carlson, Woods took to Twitter himself to send them a message that they would do well to listen to.

“The attacker who would break down my door would do so during the final five seconds of his life,” Woods wrote.

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With this tweet, Woods is reminding the world that we as Americans have the right to self-defense.

Many states have the “Castle Doctrine,” which gives Americans the right to use lethal force to defend their homes if they feel threatened inside them.

James Woods is also sending the message to Antifa that their intimidation tactics will not work.

Conservatives are under attack more than ever before right now, and we can’t afford to fold under the threats that are being hurled against us by the left.

Tucker Carlson, Woods, and other famous conservatives need to stand their ground in the face of these attacks.

And stand strong for the millions of other Republicans in this country who are being threatened by the left as well.

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