Steve Austin Headed To RAW + Update On Paige After Surgery

Steve Austin is appearing on RAW on #316 day. That happens a week from Monday. Also, former superstar Paige provides an update post-surgery.

Steve Austin Headed To RAW

WWE Hall Of Famer Appearing
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Having a WWE Hall of Famer appear on RAW is not unheard of. Especially during this time of year, fans are used to getting some Hall of Fame visits. These help enhance the Road To WrestleMania and the impending Hall of Fame inductions. Some Hall of Famers are actually working WrestleMania (see: Bill Goldberg). But there is news that a particularly noteworthy WWE Hall of Famer will be gracing RAW with his presence shortly.

Specifically, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will be appearing on RAW a week from Monday. There is a significance to that date-it’s March 16th. That makes it 316 Day, for those of you keeping track at home.

The WWE Hall of Famer announced the rare appearance via Twitter. It was also confirmed via

At this point, it seems as though the appearance will mostly be a one-off. The WWE Network will run a bunch of Austin-themed content. In addition, there will be a Broken Skulls session with Austin and Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Also, there will be new Austin merchandise available for purchase (no shock there).

That being said, this is going to happen on the Road to WrestleMania. There will be no other PPV to hype at that point, so it is not out of the question to see WWE use Austin to further some storyline. Regardless of what might come up, it usually tends to be fun when the Texas Rattlesnake shows up, so clearly WWE is hoping for a ratings boost for that episode.

Ratings aside, clearly fans are excited about the appearance.

Update On Paige After Surgery

Paige Has Emergency Surgery
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It was reported that former WWE Superstar Paige had to undergo emergency surgery recently. We have a post-surgery update to pass on, directly from Paige herself.

Given the issues Paige has had to deal with over the last couple years, it’s encouraging to see her taking this in stride.

Though she has been considered retired due to health issues, the former Divas Champion had been rumored to be returning to the ring. If there is anything to that rumor, this recent surgery would delay any plans. That said, there has never been anything more than hopeful rumors to suggest Paige would be able to wrestle another match.

Even if she never does wrestle again, it would be interesting to have Paige back as a manager type. She has also done stints on Backstage, which have been well-reviewed.

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