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Piers Morgan understands that the Democrats have given President Trump a gift with their partisan impeachment witch-hunt. The British television host says this dog and pony show is about one thing, reversing the 2016 election. Liberals can’t accept the results because Hillary lost so they want to take the votes away from flyover America. But, this isn’t sitting well with blue collar voters, and will only make them more inclined to vote. And so, Morgan takes the “deluded Democrats” to the woodshed in a recent op-ed.

The opinionated “Good Morning Britain” host writes that Democrats have given President Trump a big Christmas gift. That gift is ensuring his 2020 re-election. All while remaining so deep into their echo chambers and busy celebrating to recognize what they have really done.

Washington Post’s “Merry Impeachmas”

The title of Morgan’s op-ed in the Daily Mail basically said it all:

It’s a Merry Impeachmas alright – but for President Trump, not the deluded Democrats, dumb liberal celebrities and shockingly-biased media who don’t understand that this will get him re-elected

Morgan’s title choice targeted a tweet by Washington Post Congressional Reporter and CNN analyst Rachael Bade. Who tweeted a celebratory picture with her and fellow Post reporters saying “Merry Impeachmas from the WaPo team!”

Bade promoted the fact that her publication and colleagues were not objective at all. Of course, when confronted with this fact, Bade deleted the tweet which is screen captured below.

Piers Morgan Dismantles “Merry Impeachmas”

Piers took Bade and her fellow activists posing as unbiased journalists to task:

Of course, all it did was confirm what has been self-evident since the day Trump won the 2016 Election: most of America’s mainstream hates him and is absolutely thrilled to see him impeached.

So, of course, are the Democrats, which was obvious when they exploded into raucous cheering in the House of Representatives as their leader Nancy Pelosi solemnly announced Trump’s fate – before she frantically silenced them like a crazed kindergarten teacher.

Pelosi herself was dressed in funereal black and bore a face of unrelenting gravity – with a slash of blood-red lipstick.

As she keeps reminding us, this impeachment brings her no pleasure whatsoever, and she is praying regularly for Donald at this difficult time.

Oh pur-lease…. spare me this pious, disingenuous nonsense.

Donald Trump’s 2020 Chances

Morgan understands the Democrats didn’t accomplish anything they set out to do with this Impeachment.

Unless the voters regularly overdose on liberal Kool-Aid, they will not fall for Pelosi’s fake tears. They understand the impeachment is because the Democrats lost in 2016. (RELATED: Piers Morgan Blasts Prince Harry And Meghan Markle For Hypocrisy Over Excessive Private Jet Use)

“They couldn’t beat him at the ballot box in 2016 and fear they won’t be able to beat him at the ballot box in 2020,” Piers wrote. “So, they’ve concluded impeachment may be their only route to stop him.”

Piers Morgan Mocks Celebrities

Morgan then goes on to mock Hollywood celebrities who have next to nothing in common with the average American voter.

These overpaid Tinseltown types are celebrating the Impeachment as if it is a lesson to  Middle America. They will get a painful dose of reality next November when President Trump is re-elected again. Given signals indicate the President will not be convicted by the United States Senate.

This impeachment only plays out one way: if it goes to full Senate trial then sometime in early 2020, Trump will be cleared of wrongdoing and will instantly go on one of the planet’s longest and most tormenting victory laps.

As with the ill-fated Mueller Report into supposed Russia collusion that never happened, Trump will simply proclaim it as another fake news witch hunt.

His base will fire up even more than they already are, the Democrat base will fire down in abject dismay, and all the momentum for the 2020 Election will swing behind the President.

If the US economy continues to roar in the way it’s currently doing, with stock markets hitting record highs and unemployment numbers hitting record lows, then Trump will storm towards another win next November like an unstoppable King Kong.

It’s really pretty simple, really. Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment charade won’t accomplish anything but keep Donald Trump in the White House for four more years!

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