Watch: Black Lives Matter Activists Greeted With Gun When They Show Up At L.A. Prosecutor’s House

Jackie Lacey Black Lives Matter Husband gun
Jackie Lacey Black Lives Matter Husband gun

Black Lives Matter activists who showed up at the home of Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey at 5:30 AM on Monday were greeted with a gun when her husband opened the door. The group gathered at her front door while banging a drum and demanding a meeting with the DA to discuss her alleged refusal to prosecute police officers for shootings that occurred in the line of duty.

Radical Black Lives Matter Activists

Nothing good is coming from a confrontation at someone’s doorstep at that hour of the morning. The Black Lives Matter group was there to be hostile and their hostility was matched.

Radical activists have increased their aggressive behavior in recent years. For one, they have inconvenienced countless people by blocking traffic to promote their agenda. They have even publicly attacked police with “rocks, bottles, and other items” during their so-called “peaceful” protests.

That is bad enough but when they step on someone’s property, particularly at 5:30 AM, the group expects to be met with a negative reaction. That could be silence or hostility.

A person’s home is their refuge and they should expect a level of respect of privacy. And that applies to public figures, too.

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When confronted with a gun, these Black Lives Matter activists proved that they can dish it out but they can’t take it.

The District Attorney had a contentious Super Tuesday primary against two progressive candidates. That’s why these progressive activists were banging on her door.

Melina Abdullah of Black Lives Matter tweeted a video of the 5:30 AM front porch confrontation in what appears to be an attempt to get sympathy.

But, any reasonable person knows the activists had no business being at the District Attorney’s home.

The group also accuses Lacey, who is also black, of being a racist as she heads into a heated election.




Jackie Lacey’s Primary For District Attorney

Jackie Lacey had a Super Tuesday primary against two Democratic challengers.

Black Lives Matter were supporting George Gascón, who wants no money bail reform. Lacey supports law enforcement while Gascón sides with criminals, and would likely approve of this sort of radical front door protest.

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The top two vote getters will continue onto the November election unless someone earned a majority of votes on Super Tuesday. Results aren’t quite clear yet, but currently Lacey is leading the pack and warding off those far left challengers.

If she maintains a majority of votes, she will have beat back both of the progressive candidates.

This proves that radical protests do not sit well with even many Democratic voters. A man has a right to defend his home.