Colin Kaepernick Nessa Trump

Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend Nessa Diab just showed that these two are a match made in heaven when she took to Twitter to blast Donald Trump and the NFL after it was revealed that the President is spending $10 million on a Super Bowl ad.

Colin Kaepernick’s Girlfriend Blasts Trump And NFL

“You see how this works?” Nessa tweeted, according to Newsweek. “Trump and his @NFL buddies from team owners & @nflcommish have a code they stick by. That code blackballed @kaepernick7 for peacefully protesting systematic oppression. Trump to drop $10 million on Super Bowl ad.”

The tweet included a link to a Politico article that revealed Trump spent $10 million on 60 seconds of commercial time during the Super Bowl, which is known for being the country’s most watched television event.

Nessa Loves Tweeting At Kaepernick’s Enemies

Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend Nessa Diab, who prefers to go by her first name, frequently takes to Twitter for her beau and lashes out at those she feels are against him. Kaepernick was a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers when he made headlines during the 2016 season after he started taking a knee during the national anthem to protest racial inequality in the United States.

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Since leaving the 49ers at the end of that season, Kaepernick has yet to be signed by another team, and liberals like Nessa have made him into a martyr by claiming that he has not been signed because the NFL is racist. They conveniently ignore the fact that Kaepernick led the 49ers to a losing record in 2016, so his lack of football talent is the more likely reason he has yet to be signed.

Last month, Nessa set her sights on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after Kaepernick’s infamous workout debacle. The NFL had graciously agreed to give Kaepernick the chance to have a workout in front of all the teams in the league in the hopes that he would get resigned.

At the last minute, however, Kaepernick changed the location so that the press could view the workout as well. Only eight teams were able to make it to the last-minute location, and none have signed him since.

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Nessa Lashes Out At NFL Commissioner

Though this was clearly Kaepernick’s own doing, Nessa still blamed Goodell for the situation, claiming that the NFL had sent her boyfriend a “waiver” with different wording than would be in a waiver for another player. Whatever that means.

“Let me say it again,” Nessa tweeted last month. “.@nflcommish soooo YOU & OTHERS worked with multiple teams AND the front office to put sneaky verbiage in the waiver you wanted @Kaepernick7 to sign & wouldn’t allow the workout to be transparent & you call it ‘credible’? Hope you keep your story.”

It seems that both Colin Kaepernick and Nessa Diab love nothing more than trying to make him out to be the victim in every possible situation. It looks like they really do belong together after all!