Shaun King Philadelphia Eagles

Colin Kaepernick is still out of a job. This angers a number of Black Lives Matter activists who believe he is entitled to an NFL contract. Today, Colin is just an armchair quarterback. He can now sit for the National Anthem on game days from the comfort of his own home.

This has Shaun King pretty peeved. The white man, who pretends to be a black man, took his hostilities to Twitter on Thursday where he attacked the Philadelphia Eagles for not signing the failed quarterback. He immediately regretted it.

An NFL team can choose to sign or not sign anyone they want. These teams are businesses after all and have to take every aspect into consideration, including how a player like Kaepernick would alienate fans from purchasing tickets and merchandise.

But, King takes issue with the capitalistic side of sports. He believes Kaepernick is entitled to a contract. King apparently just read the headline of the article above and lost his marbles.

The Eagles weren’t about to take this phony assault from Shaun King. They fired back in a tweet that shared the entire context of this portion of the interview, proving that King was completely wrong. The Eagles didn’t sign Kaepernick for a very justifiable reason. They like their current quarterback. Kaepernick would be a downgrade.

King was OWNED! Facts matter and King didn’t have the facts. He focuses on emotions rather than facts. That is never a good idea. Even when faced with the facts, King is continuing his NFL boycott. He has this tweet pinned to the top of his Twitter profile.

Actions like Shaun King’s are not going to help Colin Kaepernick get signed with a team. Not only is he not needed, but he comes with too much baggage because of his National Anthem protest and his crazy groupies like King. Kaepernick’s girlfriend also compared the Ravens owner to a slave owner because they wouldn’t sign Colin. He’s a liability.

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Source: Daily Wire