Willie Nelson previews 70th album First Rose Of Spring

Country legend Willie Nelson is the consummate performer. He never wants to stop entertaining. Remarkably, he is releasing his 70th solo album First Rose Of Spring. That’s an astounding number of albums, but that’s what we have come to expect from Willie Nelson. I mean, the gravel-voiced icon has been cutting songs since the 1950’s. The video of his album’s title song, “First Rose Of Spring”, was just dropped on YouTube and it gives us a window into how he is doing.

The title song is pure emotion and lyrics are powerful. They lyrics in “First Rose Of Spring” stir up a lot of feelings as we often expect from a Willie Nelson song. He gives music his all and this song is no exception.

While the 11 track album won’t be released until April 24th, this song and the accompanying video give us a window into what is to come. Fans on YouTube and social media platforms are singing Willie’s praises for this terrific song.

Willie Nelson’s Touring Schedule For New Album

The 86-year-old has been plagued with health issues in recent years. At one point, many fans were wondering if Willie’s touring days were over, especially after he abruptly ended a 2018 concert performance because of breathing issues.

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Rest assured, they are not. Willie has been enthralling fans by quietly touring this winter and has a concert in Houston on March 4th.

That’s not all! He also will be performing in Arlington, Texas on March 14th and Lexington, Kentucky on April 25th.


Willie chose to work with some of his favorite people on this groundbreaking 70th album.

His son Micah did the album’s artwork. Longtime friend and collaborator Buddy Cannon produced “First Rose Of Spring.” The pair also wrote two songs for it, “Blue Star” and “Love Just Laughed.”

The First Rose of Spring also features Willie’s interpretation of songs by popular artists including Toby Keith, Chris Stapleton, and longtime friend Billy Joe Shaver

2020 Best Country Solo Performance Grammy 

Long after many of his contemporaries retired, Willie continues cranking out award winning music.

In fact, the living legend just won a Grammy in January for Best Country Solo Performance, for “Ride Me Back Home.” He’s showing no signs of stopping either.

Willie will turn 87 on April 29th, just five days after the release of this historic album. His voice might not be quite as strong as it was in his prime, but his distinctive charm still radiates with those who listen.

The lyric video for “First Rose Of Spring” can be watched in the video below.

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