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Willie Nelson never likes to let his fans down. The consummate entertainer puts on the best show he can for them. That’s why so many people are concerned after the legendary country star abruptly ended a show in San Diego over the weekend.

The fans were excited to see the 84-year-old singer when he walked onto the stage. The past year had been challenging medically for him, so it was a victory to see him able to perform. But, that victory was short-lived. Because of coughing and breathing problems, he ended the concert shortly after it began.

Sherry White was at the show. She cried in her seat as she witnessed this legend struggle to perform. She wrote that she was so upset to see this man physically unable to continue, but was enheartened by the reaction from the crowd. Nobody appeared to be concerned about the money they had spent. They were only concerned about Willie Nelson.

I want to share our experience last night at Willie Nelson’s concert at Harrahs Rincon. Willie walked on stage to a tremendous out pour of love from his fans. It was very obvious the 84 year old road warrior was in pain and appeared very frail. He strummed a couple of notes on his guitar and walked off stage. His family band continued a couple of songs without him. Willie came back on stage about 15 minutes later and performed “Pretty Paper” with his band. […] I did not hear one, not one, person complaining about the show. Everyone just seemed concerned for Willie. Did my heart good. […] Bitter sweet. Am I glad I went…Yes. This is real love.

Sherry then shared a video of “Pretty Paper,” which Willie sang that night as he was struggling to breathe. The same video she shared is below.

Willie Nelson’s publicist said the upcoming January concerts will all be canceled as the singer returns to Texas to recover from what insiders are claiming to be the flu or a cold. As of now, his next concert will be on February 7 in Macon, Georgia.

Willie and his family certainly could use our prayers at this time. This is incredibly sad to hear. It’s quite a testament to his appreciation for his fans that he even attempted to perform in this condition.

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Source: KHOU

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