Vickie Guerrero’s Podcast Upsets WWE, Jeff Hardy’s Return

Vickie Guerrero's Upsets WWE

Vickie Guerrero’s Podcast Upsets WWE

All Elite Wreslting (AEW) has plenty of fresh faces on their program, but they also bring in some familiar names such as Taz. Vickie Guerrero made an appearances at the commentary desk during an episode of AEW Dark and was also part of the Chris Jericho Cruise. Apparently, those appearances did not sit well with WWE.

During a recent episode of Vickie Guerrero’s Excuse Me podcast, she told listeners that WWE has banned their superstars from appearing. She did not seem happy about the situation and noted that she rarely hears from WWE in recent years.

Vickie Guerrero Reacts To WWE’s Move

“They didn’t call me for two years,” said Guerrero. “What did they expect me to do? Just to sit here and wait for them to call so I could do some work? I love wrestling and I love to work in the ring. And, if someone is giving me an opportunity to go and show up and have some fun, then I should be able to because I’m not obligated to anybody.”

“To be part of a promotion, you should encourage the people that are in the other promotions because it’s about everyone showing their talent and their craft. I think there’s enough jobs out there and promotions, to let everybody work. And, to let everyone contribute to what they want to do in the industry. So, when someone told me I couldn’t interview the [WWE] superstars because I went to AEW, I was just like, ‘Wow. They’re gonna be like that.’ So, you just quietly move on and you see how they are and you just have to take care of your own business.”

In 2014, Vickie departed WWE after almost a decade with the promotion. Since then, she only made three appearances for WWE. In 2016, she campaigned during RAW for a spot as their general manager. She was quickly escorted out of the building. Then, she worked the first Women’s Royal Rumble Match in 2018 and briefly appeared on the 1,000 episode of SmackDown.

Jeff Hardy’s Return

WWE Superstars Working Hurt

Jeff Hardy has been out of action since April of last year. He suffered a knee injury and was forced to vacate the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. 

Now, PWInsider is reporting that Jeff was backstage at Friday’s SmackDown. The report continued that Jeff is scheduled to be at SmackDown this Friday and his return to TV is imminent.

While off TV to get surgery and rehab his knee, a lot has happened for The Hardy brothers. Matt Hardy’s contract is set to expire on March 1 and as of now, he has not signed a new deal. It has nothing to do with money and more about creative control. There has been speculation that Matt could be headed to AEW and debut as the leader of the Dark Order after being written out of storylines on Monday’s RAW. 

As for Jeff, he will be sticking around for longer. His contract was frozen due to missing long periods of time because of injury and problems with the law. He was arrested twice in 2019. Once for public intoxication and then driving under the influence. He is set for court on April 6, which is the day after WrestleMania 36. Apparently, Jeff has been working on his personal issues; which is something WWE was pushing.