Vickie Guerrero Wants Chris Benoit In HOF

– Chris Benoit was destined for the WWE Hall of Fame before the events of June 2007. Over the course of a weekend, Benoit killed his wife, son and then committed suicide in a moment that was shocking and changed wrestling.

Due to the actions, WWE does not mention Benoit as he has been almost wiped from history. A major debate between people is if Benoit should be allowed to join the WWE Hall of Fame. According to his former friend Vickie Guerrero (widow of the late Eddie Guerrero), she believes that Benoit deserves a spot.

“He was a talented wrestler and he had his own legacy,” said Guerrero during an interview with Chris Van Vliet. “I think that it shouldn’t be ignored and it’s sad how things turned out, but I would like to see him inducted into the Hall of Fame. It’s a sad situation. I loved Chris Benoit. His family was our family. I wasn’t there when it happened and I don’t understand why it happened, but I still love him.”

The final call is up to the WWE, but it seems highly unlikely that Benoit will enter their Hall of Fame. No matter what happens, it will be one of those questions that is debated for generations to come.

– The 2019 WWE Hall of Fame had a different format from years past, but unfortunately one of the most talked about topics was a fan who tackled Bret Hart during his speech. Several wrestlers took matters into their own hands before security got involved and former UFC fighter Travis Browne was one the first to get his hands on the individual.

Browne, who is married to WWE superstar Ronda Rousey, was praised by fans and other employees for his quick reaction. On Rousey’s YouTube channel, Browne touched upon the incident. 

“[These individuals] get almost immortalized in our media for the negative things that they’ve done instead of going out and making positive changes in the world,” said Browne. “This guy needs to disappear and go back to the nothing in which this piece of s— was born.”

Hart finished his speech and would later get checked out at the hospital, but was okay enough to appear at WrestleMania 35.