Jon Gosselin Claims Kate Is Preventing Collin From Seeing His Siblings

Jon Gosselin is claiming that Kate is alienating their son Collin from his siblings by refusing to allow him to visit with them. 

Since a gag order has been lifted, Jon Gosselin has been vocalizing his custody issues with his ex-wife Kate. Jon has full custody of two of the couple’s eight children, Collin and Hannah. Now, he’s claiming that Kate is alienating Collin from his siblings by refusing to allow him to visit with them.

Jon And Kate Plus Eight

Americans are familiar with the large Gosselin family from the reality show “Jon And Kate Plus Eight.” Their very public divorce led to drama that continues to this day. Jon spoke honestly on the First Class Fatherhood podcast and the dirt he is dishing will make many fans upset and angry.

Kate allows Hannah to see the four sextuplets that she has custody of, yet she refuses to allow Collin to visit with them. Kate previously sent Collin away to a school without telling Jon. She alienated her son from his father and siblings. To this day, Jon claims, she is continuing to alienate Collin so he cannot develop and foster the bonds with his brothers and sisters.

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“There is no contact between Collin and his other siblings,” Jon stated. “There is contact between Hannah and the other siblings. So the problem right now is we have parent alienation and we have sibling alienation.”

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“The Guardian Ad Litem is trying to alleviate that. And I’m trying to get family therapy through Collin and Hannah’s therapist,” Jon said. “So that therapist can talk to the other siblings and try to find some common ground, because I think it’s super important.”

Jon And Kate Gosselin Custody Battle

Now that the children are older, they are able to chose where they live. Jon is hopeful that will allow Collin more access to his siblings. The father says he has spent $1.3 million on custody battles with his ex-wife.

“What my attorneys and hers decided is custody is left up to my children,” Jon said on the podcast. “So if they decide to go live with mom or they decide to go live with dad, it’s up to them.”

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The Gosselin sextuplets are about to turn 16. Jon is hopeful that after they get their driver’s licenses they will have the freedom to go see each other. That would allow Collin the ability to establish relationships with Leah, Joel, Alexis and Aaden who live with Kate. Older sisters Cara and Madelyn are already off to college.

“They’re going to be 18 in two years, so it’s going to be quite difficult,” the father of eight said. “What I’m waiting for is my two kids who live with me, when they drive, they have every right to drive to their siblings’ school and pick the kids up and Kate can’t stop them. I’m hoping that will break down a lot of tension between the siblings.”

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