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After 10 years, Jon Gosselin’s legal gag order has been lifted. The father of eight is taking the opportunity to tell his side of the story. John spoke about his divorce and custody issues with his reality star ex-wife on the Dr. Oz show. After his appearance, Kate Gosselin will likely have to do some damage control.

Collin Gosselin Institutionalized

Much of Jon’s revelation centered around Kate sending their 15-year-old son Collin to a program for children with special needs without even informing Jon where their son was sent. Jon claims their son was “caged” and institutionalized for two years and Kate only visited Collin three times during that time.

Jon believes Kate has a “narcissistic personality disorder” that has led to developmental issues with their children. RELATED: Jon Gosselin Is Furious After Kate Disobeys Court Order To Film Children On New “Kate Plus 8”

“She, Kate, institutionalized him without a diagnosis, which created a diagnosis… Just because he was a difficult child, does not mean he had to be sent away. It took me two years to find him,” Gosselin said. People are reaching out with support for Jon on Twitter; here’s just one example:

Divorce, Breach of Contract, and Bankruptcy

He also said divorcing Kate led him to bankruptcy and long-term financial stress. Plus, TLC sued him for breaching his contract by refusing to be on the reality show “Jon and Kate Plus Eight.”

“I literally hung a sign on my gate saying, ‘If any crew members show up, I’ll have you arrested for trespassing.’ They sued me for breach of contract and I pretty much bankrupted myself.”

Kate initially got custody of all the children, but now Jon has custody of two of the septuplets, Collin and Hannah. Jon said he is working on helping the two children in his care with overcoming issues caused by Kate’s controlling parenting. RELATED: Collin and Hannah Appear to Be Thriving Away From Kate Gosselin

Watch Dr. Oz’s interview with Jon Gosselin right here:

“I have to reparent my kids,” Jon said, “A lot of stuff happened, abuse wise, mental, physical — even though they are 15, they might [behave like they’re] 12. The mental abuse, the [parental] alienation, just the put-downs… Isolation is a huge one. I make them join clubs and go to dances and football games…We all go to… therapy.”

Jon told Dr. Oz that it’s impossible to co-parent with Kate as they don’t talk.

“We don’t have a relationship right now. We don’t talk, nothing,” the father of eight said. “The only time I see my ex-wife is in court. It’s just never going to happen due to personality disorders and everything else. We just have different aspects of how we want to parent. In two more years, we are going to have a lot of adults.”

Jon is hopeful that his role in his other children’s lives will expand. “Every year I get a new kid, so I am always hopeful,” Gosselin said. “Now, our custody agreement is between the children.”

Kate Sticks to Her Own Rules

Kate is refusing to respond to her ex-husband’s accusations. Instead she issued a response with a threat to expose everything later. She previously accused Jon of abuse and infidelity.

“I have consistently made it a rule never to respond to Jon’s delusional ramblings, and I will not break that rule now,” she said. “However, at some point soon, I look forward to making sure the absolute truth about our family is known.”

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