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Jon Gosselin got some revenge on her ex-wife Kate with the help of a judge. The mother of eight was found in contempt of court for having four of her minor children appear on her television show, “Kate Plus 8,” without work permits. In addition, Kate Gosselin was ordered to pay Jon $1,500 for his court fees in the matter because she did this all behind his back.

Court Reinstates Jon Gosselin’s Parental Rights

“The court agreed with me. They have given me back my rights,” Jon Gosselin stated. “The guardian ad litem said filming wasn’t in the best interests of my children, the judge said it wasn’t in their best interests, but Kate went ahead and did it anyway.”

In 2018, the Department of Labor denied a request for work permits for the children. Jon did not give permission for their children to be on Kate’s TLC show. In fact, Jon doesn’t feel this is in the children’s best interest. BACKSTORY: Jon Gosselin Is Furious After Kate Disobeys Court Order To Film Children On New “Kate Plus 8”

A previous court order detailed that Kate could have the children filmed if Jon was provided a schedule by either Kate or the TV station.

This is a rather minor requirement but Kate and TLC couldn’t even handle that minor detail. They continued filming without informing the father of eight. They didn’t care about Jon’s parental rights.

Kate has completely negated Jon’s opinion and has been doing as she pleases on the matter. That no longer is to be the case.

Alexis, Aaden, Joel and Leah all appeared in the episode in question. They were 15-years-old at the time.

Collin and Hannah were not involved as Jon has custody of them. The Gosselin twins Cara and Mady are adults now and as such no longer required to have work permits.

Gosselin Children Won’t Be Filming As Minors Anymore

Jon said Kate is only allowed to have the children filmed for her show if he gives written consent first. He says he will not consent to further exploitation of the kids, so Kate’s television gravy train might be derailed.

I don’t think they will ever film again,” the father of eight said. “I’ve heard nothing from TLC. I really just want to get my kids off the television period.”

This family continues to be very fractured. Jon is hopeful that he will get custody of more of the children.

While that is up in the air, their televisions appearances are not. The kids will no longer be exploited on television by Kate thanks to the help of a judge.

A clip from “Kate Plus 8” can be seen below.

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