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Two-time Academy Award-winning actress Sally Field is the latest Hollywood star to be arrested alongside Jane Fonda, who continues her weekly ‘Greta Thunberg inspired’ climate change protests in Washington D.C.

Sally Field Arrested With Jane Fonda 

Fox News reported that Field, 73, joined the 81 year-old Fonda for her weekly “Fire Drill Friday” initiative, which involves the actress protesting against climate change in Washington D.C. each Friday. Just before her first “Fire Drill Friday” arrest, Fonda credited Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist recently named ‘Person of the Year’ by Time Magazine, with inspiring her climate protest plans.

While standing under an umbrella in the rain, the Steel Magnolias star addressed the crowd of protesters.

“I come with my heart and my voice. I am a mother. I am a grandmother. The time is now!” she said. “We cannot sit back in our comfort zones on our couches, and wonder, ‘What can we do?’ We can get out. We can do something in the rain, whatever it takes. I’ve been learning. I have been trying to learn. I, like everyone else, feel this is such a big problem. How can we ever accomplish anything? But we can!”

Field went on to refer to her 1979 film Norma Rae, who was a character based on textile mill worker Crystal Lee Sutton. Field described Sutton to the crowd as a “fighter” and a “real hero.”

“People can transition to a better job, a greener job in a workplace that can support them and their families in more than a living wage,” Field exclaimed.

Minutes later, Fields was captured on camera being arrested and throwing her bound hands in the air as she was led away by an officer.

Fonda’s Multiple Arrests

Fonda has been arrested multiple times since she began her weekly climate change protests. During a recent interview, she opened up about what it’s like to spend the night in jail.

“The most disturbing part of it was seeing the people in jail and realizing that this country doesn’t choose to put enough resources into social safety nets and mental health services because so many of the people are there because of poverty and racism and mental health issues,” Fonda said. “It’s the new Jim Crow.”

A few weeks ago, President Donald Trump mocked Fonda for her arrests, bringing up her past arrests for protesting against the Vietnam War.

“They arrested Jane Fonda, nothing changes. I remember 30, 40 years ago they arrested her,” Trump said. “She’s always got the handcuffs on, oh man. She’s waving to everybody with the handcuffs. I can’t believe it.”

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President Trump Mocks ‘Hanoi Jane’

Trump also brought up Fonda’s infamous 1972 visit to North Vietnam, which garnered her the nickname “Hanoi Jane.”

“Remember that? She went to Vietnam to find out how nice they were. They weren’t too nice to her, by the way,” he said. “No, they arrested her today. Jane Fonda, nothing changes. They arrest… every 25 years they arrest her.”

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Being self-obsessed leftwing Hollywood celebrities, Jane Fonda and Sally Field are undoubtedly so full of themselves as to think that their arrests will actually mean something to Americans, but this could not be further from the truth.

All that these out-of-touch celebrities are accomplishing with their efforts is to make themselves look like fools. Along with earning themselves an uncomfortable place to sleep for the night. Sad!

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