Big WWE Star Retiring at WrestleMania

There are persistent rumors about Rey Mysterio retiring. The Luchador has admitted in past interviews that his retirement is drawing near, although he has not made any estimates on when that might be. However, sources now believe that the big WWE star retiring at WrestleMania 36 should be a serious consideration.

Is The Big WWE Star Retiring At WrestleMania 36?

Big WWE Star retiring at WrestleMania 36?

Rey Mysterio could be lacing up his wrestling boots for the final time at WrestleMania 36. At least, if freelance reporter Tom Colohue is to be believed. He claims that the superstar could wrestle for the final time on the Grandest Stage Of Them All.

“There have been rumblings that Rey Mysterio could be looking to retire following this year’s biggest show of the year in Tampa, Florida. There’s talk that Mysterio’s recent feud with Andrade and comments regarding his unmasking could be a hint at the future. Mysterio would reportedly consider unmasking during his retirement match.”

It wouldn’t be the first time that Rey Mysterio’s mask is removed during a match. However, he takes great care to keep his face hidden afterwards. If he is considering retirement now, we believe his face will be fully visible.

Full Time Schedule Problems

Rey Mysterio

In previous interviews, Mysterio has admitted he has problems keeping up with the WWE’s full time schedule. Because of this, it has been claimed that Rey is thinking about retirement. However, there are also people who claim that the Luchador might be taking a part-time contract with another wrestling promotion.

Fightful claims that Mysterio’s contract is running until October 2020. However, his contract has something that not many other wrestling contracts have, an “opt out” clause. In other words, this means that he could leave the company any time he sees fit.

While it would not be a stretch of the imagination that Rey will retire, there is another option for the Luchador. The company could offer him a part-time schedule like some of the other veterans on the roster. Rey is very much a legend and I can certainly see the company offering him a contract like that if he wishes to have one.

Rey also gave an interview to Sportskeeda, in December. In the interview, he seemed to contradict the rumors about retirement, but admitted that he was uncertain about his future.

“It’s really hard to say right now because I feel so motivated and so driven by the sport. I could change my mind a week from now or a year from now – but, as of right now, I really feel like I’m picking up a second wind.”

A Match With Dominick

Rey Mysterio Leaving?

Despite the rumors of retirement, Rey has stated in an interview that he wants to wrestle alongside his son Dominick. In fact, he even stated that he could retire peacefully after this match has taken place. In other words, it is likely that Rey is looking to pass the torch to his soon before he considers permanent retirement.

I’ve followed Rey for many years, so it is emotional to think he might retire soon. That being said, I’m certain that even upon retirement it is not the last we will see of the Luchador.