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The tables have turned on outspoken Hollywood Leftist Michael Moore after he waded into a battle between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Now the outspoken liberal finds himself the target of cancel culture since siding with Bernie Sanders. Grab your popcorn as we find out how the man who’s quick to throw stones reacts to being branded a “misogynist” by his fellow extremists.

Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren Fight

Warren and Sanders got into a spat during this week’s Democratic primary debate. Warren accused the Vermont Senator of saying that a woman can’t become president.

Sanders denies the claim of his fellow New England socialist. Making this a case of he said, she said.

This led to a contentious confrontation following the debate. Warren approached Sanders and confronted him on something. There initially wasn’t any audio, but it wasn’t hard to paint a narrative about what happened.

Conservatives laughed as the two socialists appeared to duke it out over who could be the most extreme candidate in the Democratic primary. Basically, the two are arguing over the right to be the one who loses to President Donald Trump in November.

CNN finally released the audio on Wednesday night ,and it’s as funny as you expect. Check it out in the tweeted video below.

Warren stormed over to Sanders and accused him of calling her a liar on television. Bernie simply didn’t want the confrontation at that time and sent his fellow leftist on her merry way.

Warren doesn’t seem to understand that she was doing the same to Sanders. Warren, who has a manipulative history, knew everyone was wearing a microphone and that her confrontation would eventually be released. She knew what she was doing.

Michael Moore Defends Bernie From Warren

Michael Moore is never someone to be silent. He doesn’t like seeing such far leftist candidates arguing. Moore likes both candidates and wants them to play nice. But, he also believes Warren did this intentionally and he wants it to stop.

So the documentary filmmaker does what comes naturally to him. He took to Twitter and then made a podcast since he believes that his opinions are so imperative.

In the podcast, Michael Moore accuses the Massachusetts Senator of sticking a knife in socialist Bernie’s back.

“Misogynist” Michael Moore

Moore only inflamed the division and apparent civil war between the Bernie and Warren supporters.

This is entertaining considering that these candidates are probably more similar than any others. They are both on the extreme left and considered socialists yet they are fighting with each other!

The indoctrinating filmmaker was called a misogynist from many Warren followers. Just challenging her on something so basic meant to them that Moore is sexist. This is incredibly ironic as Moore often accuses Republicans of being racist, xenophobic, or sexist.

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Now Michael Moore is getting a taste of his own medicine! He’s been exposed as a white male! If he pushes this envelope, maybe his fellow leftists will discover he is obese as well.


Republicans can sit back and enjoy the in-fighting among the extreme part of the Democratic Party. They are turning on each other. It couldn’t happen to a better group of people!


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