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patricia heaton twitter christian SCOTUS warning
September 21, 2020
After Michael Moore called for a SCOTUS "tsunami", Patricia Heaton of "Everybody Loves Raymond" fame set out to warn her…
Michael Moore talks electric cars while promoting "Planet of the Humans" documentary
April 22, 2020
While promoting his documentary "Planet of the Humans", Michael Moore finally considered where electric cars and solar panels get their…
Michael Moore, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Moore
January 16, 2020
Michael Moore is getting a taste of his own medicine by being called a misogynist white male by Elizabeth Warren…
Michael Moore Ayatollah
January 6, 2020
Hollywood filmmaker Michael Moore sides with terrorists by issuing an apology to the Ayatollah of Iran for the death of…
January 3, 2020
Hollywood celebrities have gone into full meltdown mode today over Donald Trump's Iranian airstrike that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani.
Michael Moore Leads Boycott Against Chrysler, GM, Toyota Over Trump Emissions Lawsuit
November 1, 2019
Michael Moore is calling for a boycott against car brands who join Trump's lawsuit against California over new, and stricter,…
Michael Moore Kathleen Glynn
October 1, 2018
While Michael Moore wants us to believe all women, he doesn't apply that to himself. He claims his ex-wife Kathleen…