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Michael Moore’s hypocrisy is on full display after his ex-wife filed a lawsuit against him. While Moore, the liberal documentarian, believes all women making accusations against should be believed, he doesn’t want us to believe his ex-wife’s accusations. He claims she is trying to smear him.

Moore’s ex Kathleen Glynn added insult to injury by filing the lawsuit on the opening day of Moore’s latest Trump-hating movie Fahrenheit 11/9. The leftist filmmaker had high hopes that his movie would help bring about the destruction of the Trump presidency. Even with the media’s promoting of the movie, it bombed opening weekend and Moore is trying to blame that on negative publicity and distraction caused by his ex-wife’s lawsuit.

Kathleen Glynn was married to the far-left filmmaker for 23 years. While together, the couple worked side-by-side on movies so their personal and professional lives were intertwined until their 2014 divorce. She claims Moore stiffed her on these mutual projects.

Glynn’s lawsuit included information that Moore believes was intended to harm him and his current movie. She included the fact that the filmmaker who is loose with the facts, reported negative income to the IRS in both 2014 and 2016. This enraged Moore whose attorney Kenneth Warner filed a brief saying, Glynn’s lawsuit was intended to “smear [Moore] in the press with her false allegations.”

Isn’t it ironic that as Moore is pushing hard for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court to be withdrawn because of unsubstantiated smears from liberal women, the filmmaker is claiming his own ex-wife is smearing him? But, if all women are to always be believed, shouldn’t Moore’s ex-wife be believed too?


Glynn collaborated with her now ex-husband on some of his more successful movies, such as Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11. His response of lashing out Glynn completely contradicts his message of believing women. Apparently, women only are smearing when they make accusations against conservatives. What a self-serving and hypocritical reaction.


Michael Moore and his fellow leftists will never see the hypocrisy much like most people will never see Fahrenheit 11/9. The Trump-hating documentary didn’t crack the top 10 for its second weekend in theaters. Moore had high expectations for this movie and wanted it to help elect Democrats in November, but just like his marriage, this movie is going up in smoke.

Source: Fox News

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