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Even though we had a couple of releases already, there could be more WWE superstars on the release list before the end of 2019. But which superstars are on our list and why?

2019 WWE Wellness Violation – Robert Roode

WWE Robert Roode released before the end of 2019?

One of the superstars that could be gone before the end of 2019 is Robert Roode. Formerly known as Bobby Roode, the wrestler has struggled ever since going to the main roster. Despite winning a some titles, Roode has been very much in the background.

Recently, Robert Roode was suspended for the violation of the company’s wellness policy. While he is not the first or the last to do so, his current status in the company is most certainly in jeopardy.

2019 WWE Wellness Violation – Eddie Colon

WWE 2019 Possible Release Eddie Colon

In addition to Robert Roode, Eddie Colon is also finding himself in hot water with the WWE. Like Roode, Colon has been suspended for 30 days for violating the company’s wellness policy.

Since their arrival on the main roster, The Colons have been struggling to make their mark. In fact, their role has been very much that of a jobber. So, a wellness violation for one of the Colons could mean a release for the both of them before the end of 2019.

The Most Neglected Wrestler – Apollo Crews

Despite the fact that Apollo Crews has not given up on his career in the WWE, the company seems to have little interest in Crews and his future in the company. It might only be a matter of time before he is released. If the company is serious about clearing up their rosters of unused superstars, Crews could be next.

Wrestling Royalty Curtis Axel

Curtis Axel may be wrestling royalty, but that does not make him safe from the proverbial firing axe in 2019. Like some of the other people mentioned in this overview, Axel has been used as a jobber and to elevate other superstars. So, if the WWE are getting rid of those they don’t use on a regular basis, Axel could be gone.

If Curtis Axel is in danger of losing his job, Bo Dallas could be too. Unlike his real-life brother Bray Wyatt, Dallas has struggled to make his mark on the main roster.

Wanting To Be Released – Gran Metalik

Possible release in WWE 2019 Gran Metalik

There are some wrestlers who have made it clear they cannot wait to leave the company. One of the wrestlers who is currently waiting out his contract is none other than Gran Metalik.

The WWE have recently released some unhappy superstars, so it would not be a stretch for the company to release other unhappy stars such as Gran Metalik. So, he could also be one of the few that will be gone before the end of 2019.

Underused Superstar Heath Slater

Despite being a member of the WWE for as long as I can remember, Heath Slater is spending most of his time backstage. He is still quite loved by fans, but the company seems to have little interest in putting him in a bigger role.

Because Slater has been with the company for many years, he probably gets a decent paycheque. If the WWE are letting people go in 2019 for financial reasons, then Slater could be on the list.

Disappeared Superstar Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan has not been wrestling for a substantial time and has been backstage for some time. While it is believed he has taken on another role within the company, he could still be a wrestler  that will be released before the end of the year.

Disgraced Superstar Jeff Hardy

WWE Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy had his fair share of struggles over the past two years. WWE management is probably not too happy with him. This is also indicated by the fact we have not seen much of Hardy lately.

While Matt Hardy has thrived since overcoming his addiction, Jeff can’t seem to stop picking up DIU’s. These are not brilliant for WWE’s reputation either, so Jeff could be on his way out.

Former NXT Hit No Way Jose

No Way Jose had a lot of success in NXT. Unfortunately, this success disappeared when he came to the main roster. He never got a serious match, nor did he get any real opportunities. At the moment, he’s very much a jobber that gets some TV time every now and again.

Like some of the previous wrestlers mentioned in this overview, No Way Jose is a jobber that could be released some time soon. Unless he returns to NXT, it is unlikely that he will break through on the main roster.

The Singh Brothers

Despite their success alongside Jinder Mahal some time ago, the Singh Brothers are in the background once more. Even though they have been involved in the battle for the 24/7 Championship, there has been little for  the brothers on the main roster. Unless there are some plans for the Singh Brothers with the 24/7  Championship, their release could be imminent.

Jinder Mahal should also be added to this list. It is claimed the company made Jinder champion to conquer the Indian market. As this has not happened, Jinder’s position within the company could be in jeopardy.

WWE Veteran Zack Ryder

Like Heath Slater, Zack Ryder is a WWE veteran that has always been popular among fans. Unfortunately, this popularity has not been enough to give Zack Ryder long-term opportunities. While he has won titles, he has been put in a jobber position for some time. If the WWE are looking to save more money, his job could be in jeopardy too.

Who Will Be Released Before The End Of 2019?

WWE Sin Cara

Sin Cara, Luke Harper, The Ascension, Dean Ambrose, Tye Dillinger, and ACH are just some of the wrestlers who have been released this year. While the WWE has held off on releases for most of the year, they cannot stop the flow of unhappy superstars within their ranks. Will these superstars get their release before the end of 2019? We will know soon.

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