NXT UK Championship Stolen

WALTER A Victim Of Robbery As NXT UK Championship, Passport And Other Items Stolen

NXT UK Championship Stolen

Shortly after Chris Jericho won the AEW World Championship, it was stolen. Now, WWE is dealing with a similar issue. The NXT UK Championship has reportedly been stolen.

According to PWInsider, WALTER was a victim of a robbery. Before the EVOLVE show in Chicago, WALTER’s rental car was broken into. The thief or thieves stole the title, his passport and other items. 

The car window was smashed and that is how the items were stolen. Apparently, the area is known for robberies and this is not the first time this has happened to wrestlers.

For Jericho, his belt was recovered days later. We will have to see if WALTER is able to get back some or all of his possessions. Considering that the champion’s passport was also taken, this could mean WALTER is stuck in the United States.

WALTER’s last major appearance was part of Team NXT for Survivor Series. He was eliminated early in the match, which did not go over well with fans. Since then, WALTER remains a key figure on NXT UK TV.

Super ACH Announces Retirement From Pro Wrestling

Jordan Myles

Super ACH made headlines this year for blasting WWE has racists. This eventually caused the WWE to release the NXT superstar, who had received a big push in his short time with the promotion.

Now, Super ACH is angry at the entire business and has quit. He posted the following message on Twitter.

In NXT, Super ACH was given the name Jordan Myles. He was upset over the name as he considered it his slave name. Then there was the merchandise issue with a t-shirt, that he also claimed was racist. After ranting for a few weeks, Super ACH demanded his release on social media and the company eventually granted the request.

We will have to see if Super ACH stands by his decision and does not return to the pro wrestling business. He had the talent, but the problems outside of the ring could not be resolved.