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The WWE has been avoiding releasing superstars since Dean Ambrose and  Tye Dillinger left and went to AEW. So, it was quite the surprise to learn that the company had released four people at once. After the release of Sin Cara, Luke Harper, and The Ascension, there might be more releases in the cards.

Releasing WWE’s Disgruntled Superstars

Luke Harper

There have been a number of disgruntled superstars who requested their release, but until now the company has been reluctant to let them go. However, keeping unhappy superstars on the main roster has caused some serious problems with backstage morale.

With the fear of WWE superstars moving to AEW, the company has held off on releases for quite some time. But, with backstage morale plummeting recently, it seems there is no other choice for the company to grant releases. It is a serious indication that the company is changing its tactics.

In addition to the poor company morale, another reason for the releases could come down to pure, hard cash. Most main roster superstars have a considerable salary, so releasing superstars makes sense. Paul Davis of WrestlingNews.co stated the following:

“A WWE source told me that another reason why the company is more open to releasing some wrestlers is that it helps them cut down on salaries while freeing up more money to offer deals to mid and upper card wrestlers who they don’t want to leave the company.”

Recent Releases Prompting More Requests?

WWE Releases

According to Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda, more releases could be coming. One of his sources revealed that several superstars are considering asking for their release fearing that this is the only time the company will consider granting releases.

It is unlikely that Vince will release anyone that could be a threat to his brand on another brand. Dean Ambrose was one of the biggest exceptions in recent history, but I doubt he will make that mistake again. So, if wrestlers do ask for their release from the company, their status could have an influence on their impending release.

Releases Not Limited To WWE’s Main Roster?


Many reporters are speculating that the releases in the company might not be limited to the WWE main roster . While this has been vehemently denied by the developmental brand, NXT could be facing some releases as well.

There are rumors going around that several NXT superstars are unhappy because of poor pay and broken promises. Some state that there are several wrestlers who are unhappy with the creative process. In either case, there are some persistent rumors of unhappy talent looking to leave.

The Future For Released Superstars

Tye Dillinger

Even though the WWE might not see value in their released superstars, they could be very wrong. Just look at Cody Rhodes and the career he built for himself once he left the WWE. Every wrestler can be a potential threat to the company, including those who the WWE deemed “less valuable.” In time, those neglected and disgruntled wrestlers could become a big threat to the company.

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