Multiple NXT Superstars Do Not Want To Go To The Main Roster

It's a difficult time to be an NXT superstar, especially with the upcoming draft. Reports state that several big names do not want to move.

Many main roster wrestlers think back fondly to their time at NXT. After all, things were simpler and better managed. And, this is something that many current NXT superstars are very aware of. With the move of NXT to USA Network and the upcoming draft, many wrestlers on the roster are afraid they may be called up to the main roster. Here are some of the reasons why many superstars want to remain with the developmental brand.

NXT Stars Know They Will Be Unhappy


When you think about the situation with EC3 and other recent call-ups, you do not have to look far to find a reason why NXT superstars do not want to be called up to the main roster. Wrestlers coming from developmental are scared they will share a similar fate as EC3 and other call-ups. And, you can’t blame them. EC3 is a prime example of what could happen. Even though he is a brilliant and experienced wrestler who was the face of Impact Wrestling for years, the WWE were fine letting him die a slow career death. Evidently, this list is non-exhaustive. Not even veterans are safe from the main roster woes these days; just think about the Hardy Boyz.

Career Death

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“I know there are guys — I don’t know who they express it — but, it probably wouldn’t be difficult to figure out who they are who are not clamoring to go up there because they know they’re not gonna be happy. They’re happy, but they’re making 1/3 of the money and probably less than 1/3.” – Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer.

Dave Meltzer has made a very good point as well. It is estimated that NXT wrestlers get $80,000 each year in pay. The main roster pay is considerably higher, yet superstars are not excited for the pay increase. So, despite the main roster money, many wrestlers seem to be scared that an upgrade to the main roster may mean certain death for their career. After all, why would you not be excited about a possible increase in pay? Many wrestlers have a passion for their craft at the end of the day, and that passion is nowhere to be seen on the main roster. So, even though the money may be better, the brand cannot deliver what these passionate wrestlers want.

Keeping NXT Strong

NXT Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa

I don’t think there is any reason to panic just yet. After all, the WWE has named NXT as the main competitor for AEW. If it were to take away all its strongest pawns – this includes Johnny Gargano, The Undisputed Era, Velveteen Dream, and Tomasso Ciampa – how would the brand compete? So, while there will be a call-up or two, I do think the majority of the roster will remain intact. However, it could also mean some main roster people ending up on the NXT roster.

Nevertheless, NXT is becoming something different than a developmental brand. It is becoming the WWE’s third main brand, and this could mean some big changes. I just hope that NXT does not get destroyed in the process. Triple H made a product we want to tune into, but for how long?

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