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Jon Moxley has been in AEW for some time now. After leaving WWE, he felt comfortable enough to talk about the things that made him leave. Apparently, one of the contributors was lying to WWE fans. Here’s the story.

Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) Lied During WWE Promos

Jon Moxley

During an interview with wrestling media channel Still Real To Us, Jon Moxley revealed some fundamental truths about the WWE. One of the revelations was the WWE’s tendency not to deliver on promos, giving their talent a script they know to be untrue.

“I had to do these stupid scripts. I’d have to say stuff like, ‘I’m going to eviscerate your skull at Hell In A Cell!’ It’s like, no…I’m not. I know I’m not. I know that there’s not going to be any blood. I’m lying. I’m lying to the fans. I’m selling this violence that’s just not going to happen.”

The AEW Difference

Jon Moxley

As to be expected, Moxley has nothing but kind words for his current employer AEW. He hinted at the fact that the company does deliver on its promises. And, it  includes the more brutal matches we have come to expect from the brand.

“I told [management], ‘You realize, just by putting my name with Joey’s together, you’ve created an expectation for insanity. Anything less than balls-out would be a disappointment, and I’m not going to be in the business of disappointing fans anymore.'”

During the interview, Moxley took a final hit at the WWE. He states that wrestling does not need any producers or writers. He says that wrestlers know what they are doing. Let’s face it, he is not entirely wrong. Even though there should be some control within a company, the police state mentality in the WWE may have heard the big promotion over the years.

How’s Dean Ambrose Doing?

Dean Ambrose

Those of you who haven’t been following AEW might be wondering what the former Dean Ambrose has been up to. Here are the highlights.

Jon Moxley made his debut in AEW at the Double or Nothing event. He would attack some of its biggest stars, including Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega. Shortly after this event, AEW announced it had signed a contract with Moxley for several years.

In the meantime, it was also revealed that Moxley can wrestle at New Japan at the same time as AEW. Therefore, he does not particularly belong to a single brand. This stands in stark contrast with WWE.

Due to an infection of the elbow, Moxley was away from the promotion until October 2nd. Nevertheless, he did conquer the IWGP United States Championship in the short period he has been able to wrestle since leaving the WWE.

Unfortunately, Jon Moxley lost his championship on October 13. The loss of the title was out of his control though, as Typhoon Hagibis caused the match to be cancelled. The future about the title is uncertain at the moment, but many people believe Moxley is certainly in the title picture. Hopefully, he will be able to recapture the title.

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